5 Tips to Hot Weather Cycling

5 Tips to Hot Weather Cycling

“Life is like riding a bicycle, to stay balanced you must keep moving.”

Biking in the summertime can be unappealing and sometimes dangerous, especially in extreme heat and humidity. Whether you’re a training cyclist or just bike for fun, don’t let the hot weather stop you from enjoying the ride! Here are five tips to follow for safe and fun summer cycling.

1. Be prepared

Plan for your cycling trip beforehand. Preparedness is the ultimate route to a successful cycling trip because it can mentally and physically prepare you for the journey ahead. Be sure your bike is fully examined and equipped with the proper gear before taking off. If it helps, plan the night before to pack the essentials; snacks, water, trail maps, etc.

2. Protect yourself

Did you know that a mild sunburn can cause fatigueness and an increase in your metabolic rate? Not only is your body demanding for even more fluids when your metabolism increases, but your skin is a lot more accessible to skin damage, aging, and the risk of skin cancer. Wearing sunscreen along with the proper cycling gear (light and comfortable clothing, and a helmet) allows you to protect yourself from the sun and potential hazards.

3. Avoid the extreme heat times

Set your cycling trip for an early morning or a late afternoon. Take advantage of the long, beautiful summer days! Opting in for a early or late ride where it’s most cool allows you to enjoy your ride a lot better without the scorching sun beaming on your body. Plus, who wouldn’t want a great view of a sunrise or sunset?

4. Know your limit

Ride at your own risk. Alternate your pace and don’t overuse your power. It can be easy for the heat to overtake your energy causing you to burn out faster. If it helps, prepare for your trail beforehand and plan your workout accordingly with substantial water breaks and rest stops in shaded areas.

5. Stay hydrated

Water is absolutely key when it comes to riding in the summertime heat. Prevent yourself from overheating, exhaustion, and dehydration by constantly keeping hydrated. Take the time to cool down and recover your body after your ride with lots of fluids and rest.