Address Muscle Aches With HiDow

Strenuous physical activity and aging can lead to muscle tensions and muscle aches. The good news is that pain relief begins with a HiDow TENS unit. Recovery rate is 32% faster than other pain management solutions providing you with improved functionality, overall physical performance, and more.

HiDow International is FDA and CE Approved

This FDA and CE approved device is a drug-free method for pain relief that sends low-voltage pulses to the skin which stimulates the nerves to block pain signals to the brain. As a result, natural painkillers like endorphins are produced.

With pre-programmed intensities and modes, you can customize a therapy that works for you.  Use it anywhere on the body as you address aches on the back, neck, legs, arms, wrists, and more. But you don't have to address just one area per session. With our new and improved technology, you can apply multiple electrodes to focus on two different parts of the body simultaneously. That's right, one outlet can work for your back and the other on your neck!

Anyone can use our HiDow products for better performance. Bring it to the gym or at work as you experience instant relief.

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HiDow International

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