How to Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain Without Missing Out on the Festivities

How to Avoid Thanksgiving Weight Gain Without Missing Out on the Festivities

Thanksgiving is all about spending some quality time with the whole family by enjoying a sumptuous dinner everyone loves. But with all the gravy-drenched drumsticks, buttery mashed potatoes, and mouthwatering piles of pies, your waistline, and health, in general, might be at risk.

Smart Ways to Skip the Weight Gain This Thanksgiving

While you don’t have to hold yourself back with all your Thanksgiving cravings, watching what you eat and cutting back a little won’t hurt. In fact, it can go a long way in maintaining your hard-earned physique. Here are the smart ways from HiDow International to help you avoid weight gain.

1. Eat Before the Big Meal

Have a healthy snack or a light meal prior to the dinner to warm yourself up. Try a veggie soup, salad, or a bowl of sliced fruits. This way, you will feel at least half full, and you won’t get the urge to indulge with everything served on the table.

2. Dress Nicely

Skip the loose and baggy clothes. When the occasion is nice, you want to wear something nice as well, right? Plus, it helps you watch how much you’re eating. Wearing form-fitting clothes such as curve-embracing dress, skinny jeans, or a tight dress jacket. You’ll know you’re overeating when it starts to feel uncomfortable.

3. Cook Single-Serving Dishes

Tip to hosts: instead of serving buffet-style, serve each person a pre-portioned plate. You will look like a perfect host and help you save yourself from weight gain. Your guests will also most likely just eat what’s in front of them and be less likely to reach for seconds.

4. Prioritize Your Indulgences

Know what you want to eat instead of piling everything on your plate. If you like turkey and gravy, then stick to turkey and gravy and skip the other stuff like mashed potatoes. Fill your plate with the dishes that you know you want to eat so you’ll feel satisfied at the end instead of being horribly full.

5. Make an Alternative to Mashed Potatoes

The traditional mashed potato is loaded with tons of salt, butter, cream, and other unhealthy stuff. Instead, use cauliflower as an alternative. Boil it, mash it, then add a little skim milk, lemon, and garlic, and you can trick yourself into getting the real thing.

6. Keep Yourself Hydrated

Avoid sugary drinks such as soda, wine, and cocktails, and opt for water instead. Not only it will help you feel full, so you can avoid overeating, but also help you cut unnecessary calories in sugary drinks so you can enjoy the food more.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to maintaining or achieving your weight goals, you have to keep in mind that you need to be realistic this Thanksgiving. Avoiding the celebration at all will only make you miss a lot of fun with your family and friends. Instead, just watch your food intake and enjoy eating moderately. You can still indulge yourself with the traditional staples. What’s important is that you’re having a good time without forgetting your health and weight.

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