8 Fitness Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day

8 Fitness Date Ideas for Valetine's Day

Sometimes a dinner and a movie can be a bit of a cliche on the holiday of love. So why not turn it into something fun, exciting, and healthy? Whether if this Valentine’s Day will be your first date or if you’re spending it with your partner of 5 years, there’s no better way to get fit together. The thing about fitness dates, it can be a casual way to break the ice and get to know someone better. Or if you’re with that person for a long time, you can learn even more things about that person. Here are eight great fitness dates ideas you can plan this Valentine’s Day!

For the Love of Fitness

1. Hiking

If you both are nature lovers, take Valentine’s Day to the great outdoors for a hike! Enjoy the fresh air and each other’s presence while getting to know each other and bonding. It can also be a great idea to hike to a nice picnic area for lunch.

2. Rock Climbing

Put your core strength to the test with rock climbing with your significant other. You can really bond with your partner by encouraging and supporting each other throughout the course. Remember, a couple that can solve problems together can reflect like so in the relationship!

3. Yoga

Wind down and relax with a hot yoga session with your loved one. Consider taking a class together or simply do a one-on-one session at the beach or in the comfort of your own home. It’s also been said that yoga can improve arousals and orgasms.

4. Biking

Why not burn some calories while spending time with the person you love? Biking is great date idea to celebrate this holiday. Don’t have your own bikes? Consider renting bikes at your local downtown or boardwalk and take a ride through the town. Don’t forget to wear a helmet!

5. Kayak

Down for an upper body workout? Jump in a two-person kayak and paddle down the water together. While this sport encourages teamwork and bonding, you might want to get a few celebratory drinks afterwards.

6. Dancing

Go for some dance lessons or dance the night away at your local club. Not only do you get to burn a few extra calories, but you can get up and personal with your partner while enjoying some good music.

7. Skating

Ice skating or roller skating are great options for a skating date on Valentine’s Day. With different rinks available in your city, this activity adds a romantic touch while working your legs and even glutes.

8. Golf

Take this Valentine’s Day to the golf course. Choose a casual mini golf round or hit the driving range where you both can get to know each other and enjoy a nice dinner afterwards.