Fitness Goals for 2019

Fitness Goals for 2019

As we welcome the new year, what better way to start of 2019 with healthful goals that’ll keep us fit and in shape throughout year? Setting healthy new year’s resolutions allows us to better ourselves as individuals no matter what they are. From losing weight to competing in your first ever 5K, here are a few fitness goals that will keep you inspired and motivated with whatever you want to achieve for your health and physical being.

6 Fitness Goals to Set for 2019

1. Hit a New Weight Record

Whether you’re looking to increase your weight reps or just your rep count in general, this goal is a popular one! If you’re looking to build muscle, it’s always a great goal to set for building your weight count. Progress is key when it comes to this goal so be sure to keep your weight lifting consistent and have the proper diet that your body calls for.

2. Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

As we ring in the new year, this is the perfect time to set goals outside your comfort zone. Whether you’re looking to try new fitness classes like pilates or a material arts class or even signing up for your first gym membership, there is no need for intimidation. Though it is normal to be nervous and anxious at first, you need to start somewhere! Go into the new year with fearless goals you’ve been wanting to tackle since!

3. Finish Your First Race

It doesn’t matter if you’re a trainer triathlete or an amateur runner. Setting goals to finish a huge race is definitely an accomplishment to look forward to this year. Remember to keep your goals ideal, properly train for them, and finish strong!

4. Finally Do a Pull-Up

Though it can be very effortless for others to do, it might be a challenge for others! Pull ups is the ultimate exercise to pull our own weight– literally. They work all muscles in your body including your arms, back, and even core. Remember, all you need is just one! Then you can continue working your way to more reps as you become stronger to do them.

5. Get on a Healthy Meal Plan

Diet is definitely key when it comes to a healthy lifestyle. Whether you’re looking to build more muscle mass or looking to drop a few pounds, it’s all about our diet. Be sure to tackle your unhealthy diet habits and start slow. Remember to consume a variety of foods– moderation and balance is key!

6. Improve Your Flexibility and Balance

It can very easily to lose our flexibility and balance as our bodies age. With great flexibility and balance, we are able to create a stronger base for our physical health, enabling us to do greater things with our bodies. You’ll definitely feel a difference in your joints, your range in exercises, and a balance in your overall health.