5 Healthy Eating Strategies for the Holidays

Healthy Eating Strategies for the Holidays

Ahh the holidays– where pies, cookies, and lots of sweets come into temptation! There’s no doubt that this time of year can be a challenge to stay healthy and fit when there’s so many holiday gatherings and celebrations to attend to. Resist the urge to pack on those unnecessary calories and pounds and consider these five healthy tips to keep you on track with your new year’s resolutions.

Ways to Eat Healthy this Holiday Season

1. Veggies comes first

Make it a habit to make at least half of your plate filled with greens and vegetables. Although it can be tough, you can also eat those veggies as a appetizer prior to your entree or main meal. This can help your body to become more fuller helping you resist the urge for those starchy carbs.

2. Don’t skip meals

If you think skipping breakfast and lunch will help you make room for a bigger dinner, then you thought wrong. This can lead to overeating and even unhealthy cravings throughout the day. Continue to have your most important meal of day filled with fiber, protein, and healthy grains. Studies say that individuals who consume a wholesome breakfast will end up eating fewer, unhealthy calories that same day.

3. Practice mindful eating

Practicing mindful eating during the holiday is key when it comes to staying healthy and it. If you find yourself a buffet-style holiday feast, watch your portions. Although moderation is crucial when it comes to dieting, be sure to include nutrient-rich foods to give your body that healthy balance.

4. Water, water, water

As good as hot chocolate and alcohol sound during the holidays, it’s also important to keep your water intake up. Try alternating between water and those sugary drinks to keep your body hydrated. Remember to also practice mindful drinking!

5. Keep your body moving

Stick to work out schedule during the holidays that you can hold yourself accountable to. If the gym doesn’t sound exciting, try burning some calories by hitting the slopes or even shoveling snow!