Las Vegas Welcomes New Therapy Called Aquatic Bodyworks!

Las Vegas New Therapy Aquatic Bodyworks

He emphasized incredible value on bodily and mental wellness and physical strength as a road to satisfaction and fulfillment in life. With the healing benefits of Aquatic Bodyworks, the mind and body happily dance in one harmonious rhythm together. Rotem Hershkovich’s message to his clients: to cultivate a life-long discipline in the powers of the water as it restores alignment, flexibility, mobility and affords an increased range of motion, and enhanced immune system response.

For Rotem, Aquatic Bodywork experience is an understatement with over 13 years of experience under his belt. His Aquatic Bodywork practice, Margoa Relaxation has been helping people for many years. It was not until two years ago when he decided to share this benefit to Las Vegas. His practice is equipped with a 95-degree, minimum chlorine private pool among the beautiful organic gardens, creating a blissful, serene environment. With therapy and relaxation intertwined, every client can relax their way to euphoria as Rotem combines six crucial modalities to the session including Watsu® and Aqua Stretch.

His enthusiasm for the water started early on as he spent most days by the ocean. Little did he know, he would dedicate a profession in the water to offer the body elements of restoration. It started when he was approached by a group of gurus avid to share their wisdom. They practiced their sessions on the Red Sea where Rotem ultimately found his calling. A passion for the water and his drive to achieve a heightened quality of life were his fate. He traveled across many countries like China, Brazil, Israel, Philippines, and the US to learn massage and therapeutic techniques that he masterfully incorporated into aquatic bodywork sessions.

Now, he extends his practice to clients anywhere across the country. Because aquatic bodywork requires warm water for optimal results, this type of therapy is conducted year-round in a heated pool. Under a few conditions, Rotem may also practice this therapeutic method at his client’s home, so no traveling is required. Embrace the healing powers of the water and stress relief as it restores your alignment, flexibility, balance, and mobility, with deep relaxation for body and mind.

Image of Rotem doing aquatic bodyworks

Whenever possible, Rotem provides practical folk remedies and sticks to the elements of nature to repair the body. Every session emphasizes the need to embrace the healing powers of the water as it offers much better efficiency and much quicker results in comparison with land-based practices.

It is no surprise that after every session, clients experience a reduction of ailments and aches along with much better sleeping quality. The results are immediate as the therapy covers a variety of conditions from acute to chronic pain, muscle spasms, and tension, post-operation recovery, fibromyalgia, balance, post-stroke issues, joints issues, dislocated disc, spinal problems, and much-much more. The benefits are endless as more and more people learn about the nature of this untapped practice. For instance, pregnancy requires an abundant amount of pain management as the body endures significant changes in a short time. With the unique combination of modalities, Rotem can develop a tailored style for clients to promote wellness and deep relaxation as the woman feels a profound sense of connection with her unborn child. Such phenomenon is possible when the body is in this right state of being.

Check out Rotem’s website for more information about Margoa Relaxation. His practice in Aquatic Bodywork is a life-changing experience that elicits a deeper bond to the mind, body, and soul.

Aquatic Bodyworks Las Vegas

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