6 Low-Impact Workouts to Stay Fit

6 Low-Impact Workouts to Stay Fit

Sometimes high intensity workouts can be tough on our bodies especially when done repetitively. Implementing a variety of workouts like low-impact exercises to your fitness can be very beneficial. Not only are they easy on our joints, but they can serve great conditioning training outside of your sport or weight lifting. Check out these amazing low-impact exercises that can get you in shape without the physical stress.

6 Low Impact Workouts

1. Cycling

Indoor and outdoor cycling is an awesome cardio workout that is doesn’t put stress on your joints. With cycling you can easily burn lots of calories because it increases your heart rate for endurance. If you’re considering cycling, try looking into your gym’s cycling classes!

2. Rowing

Row machines or kayaking out in the great outdoors is a great low-impact way to get in a calorie-burning workout. Row machines can target your legs, back, arms, and even core! But with kayaking, you get to enjoy the views and sights while working your upper body.

3. Yoga

Yoga can be a challenge most people don’t realize. This full-body conditioning exercise puts both your physical and mental strength to the test while providing many incredible benefits. From de-stressing and increasing flexibility, you’ll definitely feel a difference in the way you feel with yoga. Additionally, yoga is offered in various forms to cater to different skill sets. Yoga is for everyone!

4. Barre

Just like yoga, barre exercises offers a full-body conditioning that’s less stress on the joints. Rooted from traditional ballet dance, barre targets every muscle group and it’s fun!

5. Rock climbing

Put your problem-solving skills and your physical strength to the test with rock climbing. From bouldering, speed climbing, and top rope climbing, there are various types of rock climbing that will work your entire body at a very low-impact. Grab a few friends and give it a try!

6. Swimming

Lap swimming or even water aerobics is another marvelous low-impact sport that you can dive into! As a whole-body workout, swimming burns calories for weight loss and is great for an overall health.