5 Safety Tips for Running at Night

5 Safety Tips for Running at Night

There are many benefits to running at night. Not only does it help promote better sleep but it can also influence healthier habits like avoiding late night snacking and keeping the mind focus and sharp. Some people even take it as a great meditation session to unwind after a long day. But with all these great advantages, you also have to stay extra cautious and aware with your surroundings. Here are a few tips to keep you safe on your late night jog.

Tips for Late Night Joggers

1. Run on safe roads

When jogging at night, your range of vision is decreased. Be sure to stay extra attentive for potholes, motorists, and even attackers. Stay seen on roads by running against traffic. It gives both you and the driver a clear view of what’s in front of them. In addition, try avoiding as much cars as possible by planning to run after rush hour traffic.

2. Plan your routes

Prepare for your route and make sure your familiar with them. Plan your routes along safely, lit roads. It’s also better to plan various routes for different nights and switch it up every time. It can be dangerous (especially for women) for solo runners that run the same route every night. Who knows who could be watching.

3. Use safety gear

Keep yourself seen during your late night job by wearing proper safety gear. Instead of using dark colors, wear bright or reflective clothing/gear to let drivers know of your presence. You could also use a headlamp while you run to alert vehicles, as well. Be sure to carry a cellphone, an ID, and even self-defense spray. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

4. Ditch the earphones

It’s hard to stay alert and aware when you have music blasting on your night run. If you must listen to music, use one earbud in one ear so you can hear traffic, trains, and other passerbys.

5. Run with a buddy

Safely is definitely greater in numbers so consider taking a buddy along for the run. You can also join running groups in your community that you can jog with at night. Furthermore, if you have a dog, why not take him out for some fresh air too? Large dogs make great intimidating guards for unwanted attackers.