6 Signs that You’re Dehydrated

6 Signs that You're Dehydrated

Dehydration is your body’s lack of water for it to function properly. Dehydration can be a huge health concern and when taken lightly, it can lead to severe complications like blood clots, nausea and even worst, seizures. Be sure drink plenty of water daily and consume fruits and veggies with high amounts of water in them. You could even avoid or limit drinks like alcohol, coffee, and soft drinks. When in doubt here are six signs you can look out for dehydration.

How to Know that Your Body’s Dehydrated

1. Headaches or fatigue

Studies show that even the mildest levels of dehydration can affect our mood and cognitive functions. You can even notice a lack of energy, dizziness, and feeling sleepier than usual. This can be very common in young or elderly individuals who are prone to inattentiveness or forgetfulness.

2. Dark urine

You can easily tell that you’re dehydrated when your urine is a dark yellow or cloudy color. Urine that’s an orangish-yellow or darker means your body is severely dehydrated. Your body needs water to avoid blood concentration.

3. Dry skin or chapped lips

Not drinking enough water can cause your skin to lack elasticity and can even feel irritated with dry patches and breakouts. You can even notice that your lips can be severely chapped and even bad breath.

4. Fever and chills

Dehydration can cause fever-like symptoms like chills, body soreness, diarrhea, and vomiting. Be sure to seek immediate medical attention if your body temperature rises about 99.5 Fahrenheit.

5. Sugar cravings

When your body lacks sufficient fluids, it makes it difficult for your body to metabolize glycogen for energy. In result, our bodies are prone to craving sugary foods to get the body up and running again. Tip: When you get those sugar cravings, drink a whole glass of water instead.

6. Rapid breathing and heartbeat

If you notice shortness of breath or a rapid heartbeat, chances are you’re dehydrated. Even the little things like drinking enough water a day can cause your body to lack the ability to carry out the basic tasks.