How to Stay Active this Holiday Season

How to Stay Active this Holiday Season

Health and fitness is the best gift that’s not under a tree.

It’s that time of year, again– travel plans, holiday feasts, and lots of sweets! And with all of these combined, it can be a challenge to stay fit during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. But who said it can’t be done? With a bit of planning and motivation (and a sprinkle of Christmas cheer), you can finish the year strong and healthy! Here are a few tips you can steal to keep you active and on track to your fitness goals.

Keep Active During the Holidays

1. Plan ahead and prepare

If you’re traveling here and there during the holiday season, it’s best to plan and prepare! Lodging at a hotel? Bring a few workout outfits for quick session at their fitness center. Short on time? Create a quick exercise routine you can do in a small space with little to no equipment. Remember, to keep yourself accountable and work in a few workouts with your itinerary.

2. Set a goal

What’s the purpose of workout out if you have no goals to work toward? Whether you’re just working out for maintenance or looking to shed a few pounds before the new year, reflect on your goals and make sure they’re ideal within an achievable timeline. The purpose of goals allow us to stay on track and motivated.

3. Get up and out

It can be tough to resist the urge from cuddling with warm blankets and a Christmas movie on your TV. Find a balance by getting up and moving! If you find yourself shopping at the malls, choose to the take the stairs instead of the elevators. Offer your neighbors to shovel the snow off their driveway. Find ways to get outside if it’s a short hike with your dog or hitting the slopes!

4. Try something new

The holidays is the perfect time to try something new! Check out holiday-themed races and marathons you can attend with your family and friends. In addition, gyms and studios are always running holiday promotions throughout the winter months. Give yourself a new challenge to work towards to keep yourself enthusiastic and inspired.

5. Reward yourself

And of course, keep your treats healthy! While tracking your progress, motivate yourself with something to look forward to. Whether if it’s splurging on a few new workout outfits or new fitness equipments, give yourself time to celebrate your greatest achievements.