Why Morning Workouts Are Most Effective

Why Morning Workouts Are Most Effective

Start the day with something positive.

Studies have shown many positive effects morning workouts has on our bodies and brains. Morning workouts is a great way to prepare the rest of your day to gather your mind and thoughts in a positive way, as well as waking up your brain and body in a healthier method. There are many benefits to working out in the morning and here’s just four reasons why morning workouts are most effective.

Promotes a healthier diet and lifestyle

An early morning workout encourages a healthier diet for the rest of the day. Think about it, when you start the day burning 500 calories, you’re a lot more prone to a eating a healthier breakfast, which will help you resist the urge to eat unnecessary calories and unhealthy meals throughout the day. When you change your workout and diet habits, it’ll encourage a healthier lifestyle overall.

Improves your mood throughout the day

Morning workouts promotes better moods throughout your day. It’s been proven that a healthy brain comes with the boost of endorphins from early morning workouts which means more focus, less stress, and a happier state of mind. If you get your workouts squared away first thing in the morning, this means you have more time on your schedule and less time being stressed. Plus, going to the gym after a hard long day at work, isn’t as effective as going in the morning when your brain is fresh and primed.

Burn more fat, gain more muscle

Recent studies have shown that your body can burn up to 20% more body fat on an empty stomach (before your first meal). This also promotes a higher metabolism, causing your body to burn even more fat during the day. Also, testosterone levels are at their peak in the morning, which makes more effective muscle gains when weight training at the start of the day.

Better sleep

Morning workouts promotes a higher quality of sleep. You’ll notice a deeper and longer sleep which means better moods and an overall healthier lifestyle. It can be very difficult for the body to fall asleep after intense workouts, especially when done at night, because of body temperature and recent body stimulation.