Easy Ways To Get Active

Easy Ways To Get Active

Just about everyone is interested in ways to get active whether it’s losing a little extra weight, or finding the perfect balance between that new sedentary work life and your past life as a varsity athlete. Regardless of if you are starting a new physical hobby or you’re coming back from a sports-related injury, HiDow Internation is here to help you find ways to get active that are easy, fun, and help you make being active a habit.

1. Find Something That You Love

Working out on a tight schedule can be difficult, especially if you are trying to get into a new workout routine. The thing about doing anything, whether it is a physical activity like working out or anything else for that matter, is that you won’t commit to it if you don’t enjoy doing it. That’s why the easiest way to get active involves finding an activity that you thoroughly enjoy! Personally, I hate jogging (in the cross country context) but I love soccer. I’m more willing to go play soccer for a few hours at a time than I am to run the same distance without a ball at my feet.

2. Walking Is Okay

Not every activity needs to be intense! If you’re just starting out, getting back into being active, or simply want something to do with your evening other than sit on your phone you can always take up walking. Walking is a low-intensity activity that is perfectly suitable for people of all ages and levels of fitness. I enjoy taking a nice walk around my neighborhood after dinner when the sun is starting to go down and the temperature cools down. Always remember to wear visible and reflective clothing though! Safety first.

3. Get a Workout Buddy (or a few!)

It’s pretty well proven that having an accountability buddy helps you stay committed to just about anything! This is especially the case when it comes to working out and being active. Find a friend, coworker, or family member with similar interests and challenge each other to be active daily. It helps to do things together, that way you can motivate each other to keep at it.

4. Take It Outside

There are really convenient reasons to get active indoors whether you are hitting all of those cardio machines at the gym or hopping on the stationary bike in your garage. That being said, getting active outside just hits differently. Exercise is one part physical and one part mental, so it’s important to give yourself a much needed mental push to. Fresh air, new routes, and constantly changing scenery make exercising more interesting and can make you feel energized. There are a lot of really neat ways that you can get your cardio done without the treadmill. 

5. Incorporate Games and Play

As mentioned earlier, easy ways to get active usually involve getting your mind off away from the fact that you’re being active. When you incorporate play into your activity not only are you distracting yourself from the fact that you’re exercising, you’re working out your whole body in different ways. So go out and pick up a ball, play one-on-ones or a pick-up game at the park and enjoy your newly found motivation to be active.