4 Common Misconceptions About Being Skinny

4 Common Misconceptions About Being Skinny

Listen here, folks! Skinny is not healthy. In our society, healthy is defined by our weight. The thinner you are, the more desirable you are to everyone. On the other hand, having a little fat is frowned upon. In fitness ads, you’ll see models that are beautiful and skinny, but the truth is, skinny is not at all healthy. In fact, that’s not how it physiologically works, which is why we at HiDow International want to clear some of those misconceptions for you.

Skinny is a Misconception

1. You can consume anything and skip exercising when you’re skinny.

Whether you’re healthy or not, you should never assume you can eat whatever you want without consequences. As a good rule of thumb, always eat food in moderation. When you eat whatever food you want when you want, it can lead to the development of visceral fat. At the same time, exercise is always important to implement, no matter what your weight is. Studies show that no matter how skinny you are, it cannot prevent health disorders like osteoporosis and diabetes.

2. You need to count your calories when you want to trim your weight down.

Counting calories will not get your weight down if you’re still consuming the wrong kinds of foods. Indeed, you can still have junk food every so often but disregard the calories. You should always eat grains, lean proteins, veggies, and fruits at all times. So stop counting calories and change your diet instead. The more healthy foods you eat, the more satiated you’ll feel, making you consume less fat and high-calorie foods.

3. Visible fat means you’re unhealthy.

An individual can be thin and healthy. Sure, body fat can become an issue when there’s an excessive amount of it, but what people don’t realize is that fat plays a significant role in our bodies. Studies show that visible subcutaneous fat, found under the skin, doesn’t pose as much threat to the body as the ones that accumulate around the organs and abdomen. Visceral fat is a great threat to metabolic conditions and can develop heart disease and diabetes.

4. Skip meals instead of counting calories.

You should never deprive your body of any meal. The fact is, skipping meals is very unhealthy for you. It’s the main cause of blood sugar dropping, which will make you feel lethargic throughout the day. You will also slow your metabolism, which causes your body to store more fats in smaller units. This can also lead to eating disorders which can be life-threatening.

So there you have it; skinny is not healthy. The next time you look at someone who has less fat than you do doesn’t mean they are any healthier. At the same time, skip calorie counting and eat more fruits and vegetables in the future. Also, don’t forget to exercise because this will help maintain your weight and spike up your metabolism!