5 Ways To Use HiDow To Relieve Chronic Pain

5 Ways To Use HiDow To Relieve Chronic Pain

Are you tired of living with chronic pain? Well, there are 5 ways to use HiDow to relieve chronic pain and get your life back on track. HiDow offers several medical treatments to relieve chronic pain. Each treatment has benefits targeting a specific area that’s under pressure.

Chronic Pain Relief

In 2016, about 20% of Americans reported living with chronic pain. That amount of people living with chronic pain is startling! However, as mentioned before, HiDow offers many chronic pain relief treatment products. We’ll be breaking down the 5 ways to use HiDow to relieve chronic pain. There are treatments for anyone suffering from arm, back, neck, and knee pain. Massage therapy is also an alternative to the methods that will be discussed. Each treatment can get anyone life back on track who is suffering from chronic pain.

Arm Pain

The first of 5 ways to use HiDow to relieve chronic pain is to use any of the hand, wrist, and elbow TENS/EMS units. TENS is transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, which sends stimulation to nerves and muscles. EMS is short for electrical muscle stimulation, which is also another type of treatment for muscle pain relief. The TENS/EMS units attach electrical nodes to the affected area. Once attached, the nodes send electrical impulses for immediate stimulation. As a result, the body releases endorphins, the body’s natural pain-relief hormone.

The AcuElbow Wrap relieves anyone suffering from elbow pain. This treatment is specifically designed to slip over the mobile elbow. Once the garment is worn, then it sends those needed impulses. Thus, making this a natural pain relief option rather than prescription meds.

Back Pain

A reported 16 million adults are currently living with chronic back pain. Many suffer pain from injuries at work, the gym, or a medical condition. For some, surgery is just not an option for relief. The Lower Back Electrode Gel Pad fits snugly on the lower back or large areas. This unit can also fit on the quads, biceps, and above the knee. Once placed over an affected area, the TENS/EMS unit goes to work by sending relief and endorphins to the body. This is a realistic option over prescription drugs and possibly surgery for some.

Neck Pain

For anyone suffering from neck pain, then consider the Neck Wrap. This TENS/EMS unit is designed to go over the flexible neck. This device works in tandem with HiDow’s EMS devices. The Neck Wrap gives stimulation for pain relief, while the EMS wireless device sends messages to the Neck Wrap to go to work with the desired level of treatment. It works by spraying the HiDow conductor spray and attaching the EMS wireless device. The EMS wireless device sends electrical impulses to the body for chronic pain relief.

Knee Pain

A torn meniscus or ACL can be very serious and can stop anyone from their day-to-day routine. These two types of injuries are the most common type of sports injuries. For anyone suffering from any sort of chronic pain, then consider the AcuKnee Wrap. It’s another device that works with HiDow’s EMS wireless device. It works by slipping the garment over the knee to send pain relief electrical pulses.

Massage Therapy

For muscle therapy, consider the HDGun – Percussion Therapy Massage Gun. This massage therapy gun digs deep into muscle fibers for increased flexibility, blood flow, and faster recovery. The high torque motor quietly delivers 50 strokes per minute to deliver relief. Take on that next gym day with this device!

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