7 Ways to Squeeze a Workout Into Your Busy Schedule

7 Ways to Squeeze a Workout Into Your Busy Schedule

The pursuit of healthy living is admirable, especially when you address a routine fitting to your schedule. Between work, children, and everyday tasks, it’s hard to juggle a workout without exhausting your time and energy. We get it. Still, when you pile up all your excuses, there’s no way to progress. Instead, squeeze in some cardio without completely changing your busy schedule. The following are seven productive tips to stay in shape when you don’t have time!

It Doesn’t Hurt to Multitask

Woman working out while watching a show on the laptop

If you set aside time to catch up on your favorite show, squeeze in a few workouts during the commercial break. A set of planks, squats, leg raises, and crunches will pay off in the long run. If you’re set to commit, you can also add a treadmill while you watch tv. Who said you couldn’t exercise and enjoy it?

Exercise Your Way to Work

image of man riding a bike to work

If you live one or two miles from work, take advantage of the distance by walking or biking. Not only will you save money, but you’ll feel better about yourself in the long run. Small changes like this can make a huge difference as your body adapts to a healthier lifestyle.

Do a Lunch Break Workout

Woman doing yoga while at work

Snack while working at your desk, and work out during your lunch break. Who says you must hit the gym to finish 60 minutes of cardio? It’s the perfect time to go for a brisk walk, do planks, and do a few squats. You’ll see the difference in your waistline as you commit to this routine. Setting aside time to exercise instead of succumbing to diet temptations will pay off! We promise.

Always Use the Stairs

Image of man walking up the stairs.

Instead of taking the elevator, use the stairs. This will target your glutes and more! As you get used to the stairs, increase your speed. You can even add this routine during lunch break if you don’t have enough time to commute to the nearest park.

Make it a Date

image of couple hanging out

Instead of having a large dinner, do something fun like ice skating, bowling, or laser tag. Who says a good date is spent only at the dinner table? Not only will this motivate you and your partner to work out, but it can be tons of fun as well! Make it as goofy as possible as you get your heart pumping.

Make it Enjoyable For the Whole Family.

image of family going on a walk

Who says you need to work out by yourself? Children are always looking for an excuse to go outside and have fun. Make their childhood memorable by incorporating sports into their daily routine. Not only will you reap the benefits, but you’ll be making memorable activities with them. So stop those video games and go outside.

Watch Out for Idle Moments

image of woman working out while she waits

How many times do you wait idly at the checkout line? When you catch yourself doing nothing but sitting or standing, it’s time to do squats, lunges, and toe raises. Sure, you might get a few stares, but who cares? When you’re looking at your best shape, only they can be jealous of your healthy lifestyle.

So there you have it, seven different ways from HiDow International to add exercise to your busy schedule. At this point, you have no excuse but to start moving!