Back Pain Causes

Back Pain Causes

The importance of having a healthy back is absolutely dire to your life. Having back pain will prevent you from living your life to the fullest. A hurt back will keep you from doing everyday activities like walking, picking up your kids, bending down and standing up straight. In order to stop pain from entering your life then you’ll need to know back pain causes.

Bad Form During Workouts

The CDC recommends at least 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week to live a healthy lifestyle. In doing your exercises realize the importance of having proper form when working out. Bad form during weight lifting can lead to injury, which can cause back pain. If you don’t know how to do a workout correctly then ask for advice from a trainer or research it online. Be extra careful when performing high-intensity exercises or heavy lifting.

Unhealthy Diet

A sure factor for back pain causes can start in the kitchen. An unhealthy diet can contribute to back pain. Not giving your body enough nutrients will lead to a slower recovery time. It can also increase the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and other heart diseases. All of these risks will lead to a lack of healthy blood circulation to the central nervous system, which is located within your spine.

Weak Muscles

Poor workout form can lead to back pain, but so can a lack of exercise as well. Not having strong enough muscles means your body is working harder to move. Excessive stress will only lead to injury and other pains like back pain. The CDC recommends 150 minutes of moderate physical activity a week to live a healthy lifestyle. Using proper weight lifting form during workouts is also just as important.

Heart Disease

In 2018, over 30 million Americans were diagnosed with heart disease. Having an unhealthy heart can keep your body from fighting diseases and maintaining its recovery time. All of which can increase your chances of slower recovery for your nerves and blood vessels, which can cause back pain. Keeping an active lifestyle along with a healthy diet can lower your risk of heart disease.

Your Type Of Work

Americans go to work each and every day to ensure their standard of living. What needs to be addressed is your type of work and how it affects your body. Jobs that require a lot of physical activity can lead to back pain. Working in construction, plumbing, retail and as a driver can take a toll on your body. It’s best to be aware of this and take the actions necessary to prevent any back pain. Using weight lifting belts and things of that nature can provide relief for an aching back.

Worn Out Mattress

Your sleep is ever so important to your health. Getting enough hours of sleep can lower your blood pressure and improve your health. In order to get good enough sleep then you’ll at least need a good mattress. Having a worn-out bed mattress can lead to restless nights and back pain. It all has to be due to the fact that old mattresses can have old bed springs that can put pressure to your back.

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