Benefits to a Gallon of Water a Day

Benefits to a Gallon of Water a Day

Are you drinking enough water every day? Ever considered drinking a gallon of water every day? We all could probably drink more water throughout our day, especially when living in a warmer climate. So many people are dehydrated and don’t even realize how much their bodies need more water. The average human being is made up of 60% water. All of our major organs and internal systems rely on water to function properly and maintain our human survival.

The more water we consume, enables our bodies function better, but what about drinking a gallon of water per day? A gallon may seem like a high amount of water and impossible. However, it is possible! When you look at all the overall benefits of a gallon of water, a day it will be difficult not to attempt it.

The water we drink plays a role in almost all of our bodily functions, from regulating our body temperature to being the foundation of life to our cells to excreting the waste out of our bodies. Create a challenge for yourself and drink a gallon of water daily for some time and enjoy the benefits of it.

The Great Benefits of Drinking a Gallon of Water a Day

Amp Up Your Energy

Throughout the day, do you feel sluggish or just extremely tired? Does coffee or energy drinks just not have the effect of keeping you going strong for an extended period? Try drinking a gallon of water a day and watch your energy levels spike up dramatically. Our bodies need water to function daily. However, many of us are giving our bodies the bare minimum of water to function at a basic level.

When enough water isn’t consumed, energy levels can be affected, causing you to be more tired and less productive. Drinking a gallon of water daily gives your body the surplus of water to have your body perform at its optimum and increase your energy levels.

Enjoy Some Extra Weight Loss

It’s summer, and let’s face it, many of us would gladly accept some extra weight loss to look a little better in our swim attire. The key to shedding a few extra pounds is drinking more water. When we become dehydrated (and many of us are), our bodies hold on to as much water as possible as a precaution. However, this can leave you feeling bloated and retaining a few extra pounds of water. You are probably thinking more water intake will just make you feel more bloated and miserable.

The effect is the opposite. Yes, maybe in the first few days of drinking a gallon of water, your body may need to acclimate to the change, leaving you feeling a little full. However, pushing through a gallon of water a day leaves your body flushed with water preventing the need for dehydration mode. When fully hydrated, your body will relieve itself of excess water, causing water weight loss and bloating to cease.

Enjoy Glowing Skin

Between facials, chemical peels, and face creams, people spend billions of dollars a year on cosmetics. However, achieving better-looking skin may be as simple as being more hydrated. It has been said that all of your skin problems can be solved by drinking more water daily. To our great surprise, it is true! When drinking a gallon of water daily, one of the first things people notice is a certain glow in their skin. All the extra water keeps your skin cells flushed with water, giving you healthier, better-looking skin.