The Benefits of a Swimming Workout

The Benefits of a Swimming Workout

There is nothing like waking up in the morning and going for a nice swim. Even if you can’t swim in the morning, anytime you can hop in the pool and swim is excellent. Swimming is a low-impact workout that has minimal pressure on the joints. People who suffer from chronic pain (especially in their joints), swimming can be an excellent workout.

It will help improve your overall fitness, also help reduce swelling, and alleviate any pain you may be experiencing. Swimming can add not only to the way you look but also can aid in your health and wellness. HiDow highly recommends adding swimming to your daily routine.

Take A Look At The Great Benefits Swimming Can Have

Blasting Away Calories

Most people think of running as being the ultimate cardio workout to burn away extra calories. We all know that running is a great workout, and swimming has been found to burn almost as many calories as running. It does that without the constant impact on your joints.

During an hour of swimming, a person who weighs around 150-200 pounds can burn around 500-800 calories. The more a person weighs, the increased number of calories they can burn while swimming. Fat tends to melt away from all the high amount of calorie-burning that occurs while swimming.

Reduce Your Stress

People experience stress on a daily basis from their jobs, family, and everything else that comes up. One of the healthiest ways to help you reduce stress is by jumping in the pool and swimming some laps. Swimming increases your physical activity, which has shown to help people who are stressed or suffering from depression.

When you are swimming, your body tells the brain to release neurochemicals that help elevate your mood and provide you with energy. When the neurochemicals are released, they can place you in a better, more relaxed state. Being in a more relaxed state can positively have an effect on getting a goods night’s sleep.

Help Your Asthma

Swimming has proven to be a great way to improve your health and wellness. For people who have asthma, the humidity generated from an indoor pool can have significant effects on breathing. Swimming is an anaerobic exercise (limited use of oxygen) which causes you to monitor your breathing during swimming. Anaerobic exercise can help expand your lungs and make it easier for those with asthma to breathe.

Alleviate Chronic Pain

When you suffer from chronic pain, workouts can be quite challenging. Many workout routines can be high-impact; swimming, however, is a low-impact exercise and has very little pressure on your joints.

The cool water can actually help reduce inflammation, which reduces the amount of pain you are experiencing. While in the water you are free from gravity pushing you down and hurting your joints, swimming gives you the chance to float and not have any added pressure on your joints.

Great For Our Organs and Lifespan

Improving your health is always a great thing, and one way to accomplish this is through swimming workouts. Swimming is a great exercise that helps increases your cardiovascular system, which aids in strengthening your heart and lungs.

When your heart and lungs are stronger, your body is more capable of running better and being more efficient. Recent studies have shown that people who swim on a routine basis actually live longer. Swimming can have a remarkable impact on your physique, but more importantly, it has incredible benefits to your health.