Can a TENS/EMS Device Help With Back Pain?

Can a TENS/EMS Device Help With Back Pain

Do you wake up with back pain from a long night of sleeping (or lying awake) on an uncomfortable mattress? You may have looked into all of the remedies available, from heating pads to TENS + EMS devices. If you have never used a Multi-Stim device like the kind found at HiDow, then you must be wondering if a TENS/EMS device can really help with back pain. So can it?

Yes! TENS + EMS Devices Help With Back Pain. Here’s How

Using a Multi-Stim TENS + EMS device to help with alleviating back pain is really quite simple! Start by placing the electrodes on the affected area. For back pain, it can help to place 2 electrodes above the pain and another 2 electrodes below the affected area. Turn on your TENS + EMS Multi-Stim device and start on a low setting that is comfortable for you. As you adjust to the sensation, you may want to increase the level gradually so as not to get too used to the sensation. You should begin to feel noticeable relief from back pain within minutes.

Different Back Pains That TENS + EMS Target

Did you know you can use your TENS + EMS device to treat many common back pains? Not all back pain is created equal. That’s for sure. There are obviously more mild cases of back pain and far more severe pain on the other side of the scale. HiDow Multi-Stim TENS + EMS users have reported using their devices to manage pain caused by sciatica, muscle strains, herniated disks, swelling, sports injuries, and even poor posture while working from home.

You Can Use Your TENS + EMS With Other Remedies Too.

In addition to using your Multi-Stim TENS + EMS device for back pain, you can also combine it with other pain management treatments for greater effect. Common ways that HiDow users have reported using their Multi-Stim devices have included: Dynamic and static stretching While sitting with back support During workouts (in between sets) When Squatting and Lunging. How do you use your HiDow Multi-Stim TENS + EMS device to manage back pain? Let us know!

HiDow Multi-Stim TENS + EMS Devices

Shop the widest selection of multi-stim pain management devices and accessories at HiDow. No matter what the cause of your chronic or acute pain is, there’s a HiDow solution to help. From the simple XP Micro to the robust Pro Touch 6 12 and a wide range of compression wraps, gloves, and heated pads, there’s a HiDow product that is sure to help with your back pain.