Can a TENS Unit Be Used for Arthritis Pain Relief?

Can a TENS Unit Be Used for Arthritis Pain Relief

TENS & EMS devices offer much relief to people with chronic pain, whether muscular or related to joints and ligaments. If you’ve been living with one of the various forms of arthritis and you’re looking for instant relief, then you’ve come to the right place. At HiDow, we provide the best selection of TENS and EMS devices that are incredibly useful for pain management. Many users have reported that TENS is also very helpful when managing pain from arthritis. But can a TENS unit be used for arthritis pain relief?

The short answer is yes.

Physicians and physical therapists often use TENS and EMS devices like those sold at HiDow to help patients manage the pain and discomfort that comes with arthritis. By learning how to use a TENS device, you can use it to manage pain at home.

TENS for Osteoarthritis

If you’re experiencing pain associated with osteoarthritis, start by placing the pads under the heel of one foot. Apply the pads on the top and bottom of the foot and both sides of the heel. Other spots to try to include the left or right side underneath the head of the big toe and on either side of the arch of each foot. The sensation of the TENS device will send signals to the pain receptors canceling out the pain and discomfort you feel. Your feet may be sensitive and touchy, so it is best to start on the lowest TENS & EMS setting and work your way up to a setting that you’re comfortable with.

TENS for Hip and Knee Arthritis

When you experience chronic arthritis in the knees or in your hips, it can also help to use TENS therapy to help manage the pain. Arthritis in the knee can be incredibly uncomfortable because it typically occurs because of a lack of meniscus and ligaments in the knee which causes the joints to grind. Fortunately, HiDow TENS devices use electrical stimulation to control painful symptoms in the knee and joints of the lower leg to help reduce the pain. If you have arthritis, this therapy can help with knee pain.

HiDow TENS & EMS for Arthritis Pain

If you experience chronic pain or arthritis and you’re interested in a pain management therapy that does not rely on medication, then TENS/EMS may be for you. TENS is a safe and non-drug treatment that allows you to manage the pain and discomfort from arthritis and chronic pain. You can shop the best selection of TENS and EMS devices available at