Masters Week: Mythbusters—Can Tech Really Help Your Game?

Masters Week Mythbusters Can Tech Really Help Your Game?

Masters Week is here, and with it comes a lot of excitement, anticipation, and unfortunately, sometimes a bit of pain. Whether you’re a seasoned golfer preparing to hit the greens or a die-hard fan tuning in from home, Masters Week can leave your body feeling less than its best. But what if there was a way to hack pain and elevate your game (or viewing experience) with a little tech?

Enter HiDow’s TENS/EMS Technology

Here’s why it’s not just another swing tip:

Myth: Pain is just part of the game.
Busted: HiDow’s targeted TENS/EMS therapy tackles aches in key areas like elbows, wrists, and core, helping you swing pain-free.

Myth: Warming up is enough to prevent injury.
Busted: HiDow’s TENS/EMS tech goes beyond pain relief, boosting muscle activation and recovery for a smoother swing (or just staying comfy watching from home).

Myth: Tech is bulky and inconvenient.
Busted: HiDow’s wraps are discreet and comfortable to wear, letting you focus on the action, not your gear.

Tee Time Relief or Bogey Buster Bundle?

HiDow offers two targeted bundles to address your specific Masters Week needs. Whether you’re battling it out on the course or cheering on your favorites from home, there’s a HiDow solution for you.

Introducing the Tee Time Relief Bundle, priced at $99! It includes the AcuBelt for core stimulation and support, paired with the AcuElbow & AcuWrist Wraps for targeted therapy and stabilization. Enhance your game with our AcuGloves offering 360-degree electrotherapy for pain relief and improved dexterity. And for an added boost, don’t forget the Perfect Conductor Spray for deeper TENS/EMS relief.

Tee Time Relief Bundle

The Bogey Buster Bundle, priced at $199, features the ProBelt for core stimulation and back support, setting the stage for powerful swings. Experience relief and improved mobility with the Shoulder Wrap, while the AcuKnee Wrap offers joint protection and support. Complete with the AcuElbow & AcuWrist Wraps for targeted therapy and stabilization, and our Perfect Conductor Spray for deeper TENS/EMS relief.

Bogey Buster Bundle

Ditch the pain myths and embrace the tech revolution. HiDow’s TENS/EMS technology can help you conquer the course (or conquer comfort from home) pain-free this Masters Week! #MastersWeek #PGATour #HiDow #WellnessTechForTheWin

Stay well,
The HiDow Team