7 Cardio Exercises That’s Not On a Machine

Cardio Excerises That's Not On a Machine

If you’re not the treadmill or cardio machine type, we feel you. Cardio requires determination and discipline, and sometimes running on the treadmill for an hour daily can be dreading or unenjoyable for some. Luckily with fitness, there are so many variations of cardio that can work your heart and burn calories in other fun ways. Check out these seven exercises that will get you skipping the cardio room and excited about cardiovascular training.

7 Unique Ways to Get Your Heart Rate Up

1. Jump rope

Need a quick cardio session but not at the gym? Jump roping is an easy way to shoot up your heart rate. Put every muscle to work with jump roping anytime and anywhere. Feel free to switch your intensity and intervals if you work this exercise into other circuits.

2. Kettle-bell swings

Did you know you can burn about 400-600 calories with kettlebell exercises? There are so many exercise variations you can do with these unique weights. Start with a weight that’s comfortable for you and work your way heavier as your progress. Add as a circuit or part of your HIIT workout for toning and strength training.

3. Battle ropes

Also known as heavy ropes, this cardio exercise is no joke. Work those ropes and shed fat faster than being on an elliptical. With whipping, slamming, or dragging techniques, you’ll feel your whole body go to work.

4. HIIT workouts

If you’re game for a sweat-dripping workout, try HIIT, high-intensity interval training. With non-stop explosive movements done in 30-45 minutes, you’ll burn many calories. Do with weights or body weights and switch up your circuits to give your body variety and a challenge.

5. Swim laps

Suit up for a swim and get a full-body workout with a few laps. You’d be surprised at the types of benefits that come with swimming as it engages every muscle in your body while keeping your heart up for a great cardio session. For bonus points, swimming is gentle on your joints and fun!

6. Zumba or a dance class

Move to the beat uniquely and burn those unwanted calories with Zumba or a dance class. If the gym isn’t your thing, this group exercises a lot of fun, especially if you love music and dance. Grab a group of friends and get fit together!

7. Boxing

Boxing or taking up another martial arts class is a heart racer! With explosive techniques that put your endurance and full body to work, this exclusive workout burns calories like none other.