Difference Between TENS And EMS

Difference Between TENS And EMS

If you’ve ever looked for a natural pain relief treatment, then you’ve probably come across TENS and EMS. These two forms of therapy have proven to be very beneficial for those suffering from chronic pain. However, what’s the difference between TENS and EMS? Well, there’s a distinct difference between the two that may help with chronic pain.


TENS is short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation. TENS/EMS therapy works together to treat pain and muscle soreness. It’s perfect for those suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel or anyone with an active lifestyle. Although these two therapies treat chronic pain and soreness, both treat it differently.

TENS sends electrical impulses to nerves to limit the number of pain signals reaching the brain. EMS makes the muscle compress and contract through stimulation. This type of stimulation allows better blood flow to an area so that it can repair damaged tissue. When the two therapies are combined, then it lowers pain within the body. Overall, this is the difference between TENS and EMS.

Benefits of TENS

There are many benefits to using TENS devices. TENS can be used for purposes other than pain relief. It’s perfect for anyone with an active lifestyle. Working outputs a lot of strain on the body, so it needs the proper amount of nutrients, sleep, and time to recover. However, TENS can be added to speed up the recovery process.

TENS therapy devices are also very convenient. They are small, compact, and mobile enough to be used anywhere, anytime. These types of devices can even be used during an exercise session. Using it during a workout then it allows the body to push its physical limits in a pain-free way.

Benefits of EMS

EMS is another form of pain management that many can use. It typically works together with a TENS device and stimulator. Once the electrical nodes are attached to a specific area of the body then it can feel the benefits. The body may release endorphins, the body’s natural painkiller.

Endorphins are a hormone that is released throughout the body naturally. EMS is especially effective for muscle recovery. It works in direct contact with a muscle to provide the relief it needs. Providing muscle electrical stimulation then it speeds up the repair process.

Best Therapy Devices

Now that TENS and EMS are defined, how can you get a device that combines both therapies? Thankfully, most devices combine TENS and EMS into one device. There are many great options for finding TENS/EMS devices. It all just depends on the relief you’re looking for and the lifestyle you have.

Some garments are created to treat specific areas of the body. For example, there are knee, leg, arm, and back garments that work together with TENS/EMS devices. This is only for people that are experiencing pain in certain body parts. Combining certain EMS devices is great for a workout to allow the body to push itself.

Pain Relief Options

After understanding the difference between TENS and EMS, you might want to know about other pain relief treatments. Pain relief can be found through a healthy diet, massage, or exercise. However, it’s best to get the best pain relief option prescribed by a doctor. It’s never a good idea to ignore pain.

Oftentimes, pain is an indicator of other negative health factors. This is why it’s important to get any chronic pain diagnosed. Heart disease is one of the major causes of chronic pain. However, some may relieve pain with a healthy diet, exercise, medication, or TENS/EMS devices.