How to Get Yourself Motivated to Get Fit This Year

How to Get Yourself Motivated to Get Fit This Year

It is common for people to come up with New Year’s resolutions every year, especially those who want to be fit and healthy. If it’s not everyone’s goal every single year, then it’s probably most people’s number one greatest desire to get fit and stay in shape all year round. Get motivated and be one with them.

Start the New Year with the Motivation to Get Fit

The first step is the hardest. That is a true story, especially when you want to get in shape and take better care of your health this year. Although it might be a little difficult to transition into a new, healthy lifestyle, it’s not impossible. Getting fit can be easy with these simple steps from HiDow International to motivate yourself this New Year.

1. Get workout clothes

Imagine if you are hitting the gym with some pair of casual and regular leggings and a tee meant to be worn at home or just for running errands. Not only you’ll look uglier while working out, but you will also be less motivated because you are not wearing the right attire. Start by getting yourself some nice workout clothes. Your gym outfit will not only make you look good and properly dressed in the gym but also give you extra motivation to get moving. Having the right clothing will reinforce your identity as a gym junkie. Plus, you know you will have to wear those new outfits unless you want them just to go to waste.

2. Keep track of your health and fitness journey

Be it an online journal, a notebook, or a vlog, keep track of your fitness journey from day 1. This way, you will have a record of how you’re doing and see how much you’ve progressed in a certain amount of time. You can even get an extra layer of social support to keep you motivated if you share your progress with your friends.

3. Create a buddy system

Admit it; it’s tough to be on your own, especially when you’re new to working out. When you are clueless and don’t know where to start, having someone who can guide and motivate you helps a lot, right? So to make getting fit even more possible, create a buddy system with a friend. You can help push each other to your limits this year.

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4. Give yourself a real reward

It’s not a very realistic thing to say that your reward is better health or a good-looking body. Treat yourself to an actual reward, such as a smoothie or an episode of your favorite tv show after a workout session. It is a powerful technique because your brain can grasp it and think the behavior is worthwhile. Once you’ve trained your brain to recognize that the workout is the reward, you won’t need a treat anymore.

5. Compete with everyone

Whether with a friend or a stranger working out next to you at the gym. Show off your inner beast and prove that you are better. This way, you are challenging not only other people around you but also yourself.

The Bottom Line

Every day won’t feel like a fitness fairytale, so don’t be too hard on yourself with the right balance of hard work and motivation. All your sweating sessions will surely pay off, and you can spend the year fit and healthy!