A 6-Step Guide to Building Muscle

A 6-Step Guide to Building Muscle

Just like losing weight, building muscle can definitely be a challenge. But, with a bit of determination and a persistent routine this fitness goal is definitely doable. Putting on healthy muscle mass not only increases physical strength and physique, but it can maximize our metabolic rate and improve our fitness performance. Whether you’re just starting your muscle building journey or just in need of a few tips, check out our six essential tips for effective muscle growth.

6 Tips to Building Muscle Mass

1. Set goals and track your progress

Before you start racking those weights, take the time to get specific with your journey. Set realistic daily, weekly, and monthly goals in a journal. Be sure to list your current weight, where you would like to be at this certain time, and how you will achieve these goals. Having a fitness journal also allows you to keep track of your progress and easily make adjustments if needed.

2. Lift heavy

An important aspect of muscle growth is consistent, multi-joint workouts with heavy weights (of course). Plan out a weekly routine of when to target big and small muscle groups including when to do compound and isolation exercise. In the meantime, it’s also really important to target those different muscle groups at various angles. Symmetry is key to shaping an appealing muscle growth.

When building muscle, start off with weights you can do in a 6-8 rep range. Remember, to focus on mastering form and technique before adding additional weights to your workouts.

3. Train big and small muscle groups

To emphasize on tip #2, know the difference between compound and isolation exercise. Building muscle and getting stronger all depends on the type of exercises you do. Compound exercises is what trains multiple joints and muscles, while isolation exercises targets smaller muscle groups. You need both type of exercises implemented into your routine for effective growth.

4. Diet is key

When it comes to achieving any kind of fitness goal, diet is the most important. Diet takes up about 80% of our results and especially if your goal is to build muscle, you can’t do so without the proper nutrients. Be sure your diet consists of plentiful protein, healthy fats, and a combination of carbohydrates. Aim for about 5-8 meals a day (adjust if needed) and look to replacement meals like protein shakes. But above all, never miss your meals, especially before and after workouts.

5. Rest and recover

Giving your body healing and recovery is a common mistake when it comes to building muscle. It’s important to remember that muscles grow outside of the gym. It doesn’t matter if you’re working out twice a day, your body naturally needs rest. Try opting in for at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep a night and listen to your body if it needs an additional rest day.

6. Be consistent

Along with having the confidence and positive mindset, consistency is absolutely essential to see results. Be patient while sticking to your diet and fitness routine. Find ways and habits that will keep you motivated like surrounding yourself with positive affirmations and a healthy support system.