The Ultimate Guide to Gym Etiquette

The Ultimate Guide to Gym Etiquette

No matter if your gym is small or mega, there are a set of common-sense rules that everyone should follow. Whether you’re a gym newbie or a fitness veteran, it’s important to show respect for others around you by abiding by the gym’s guidelines and simply just having common courtesy. The gym should be a place of positivity where people can be welcomed regardless of skill level. Here is a list of our top seven ways to practice proper gym etiquette at your gym.

7 Important Ways to Practice Proper Gym Etiquette

1. Focus on your workout

You go to the gym for one thing– to work out! The gym can be an intimidating place, but if you focus on yourself and your goals, resist the urge to get distracted by others or even answer your cell phone. Concentrate on yourself rather than watching others. This can be very awkward.

2. Follow your gym’s rules

If you see your gym’s rules posted up on walls throughout the facility, they are there for a reason! Have respect by abiding by them if they regard dress attire, re-racking, etc. The last thing you want is a team member coming up to you during your workout and asking you to leave.

3. Practice common courtesy

Just like anywhere you go in public, common courtesy is key. You should not talk loudly on your phone while sitting on the equipment you’re not using. Your character reflects how you present yourself in public; watch your language, have a positive attitude, and lend a helping hand if you see someone in need.

4. Wipe down the equipment

Nobody likes approaching a piece of equipment with sweat dripping on it, so take the time to wipe it down after yourself after using it. If you don’t have a towel with you, most gyms have paper towels and anti-bacterial sprays located in the area.

5. Put away weights and equipment

Don’t be someone who doesn’t re-rack their weights or return other equipment you’ve used. Take the time to put things back in their designated area for others to locate and use. This also goes for restoring your weight plates from being used on the bar. It can be frustrating for the next person who must take the time to remove them.

6. Give others space

Respect the privacy and space of others. There is an exception during the gym’s peak hours when it can be very busy and crowded, but if it isn’t, you shouldn’t be up in anyone’s bubble. This also includes taking up space in the locker room with all your belongings or going on a cardio machine right next to someone while there’s an entire row vacantly available.

7. Share equipment

It’s common for popular equipment to be always in use, especially during peak hours. Kindly ask or let others jump in between your sets or find out a way to rotate between other machines. Keep in mind when approaching others, never do so during their workout. Be patient and wait for them to finish their set and proceed.