Healthy Foods to Eat at Home

Healthy Foods to Eat at Home

With recent events requiring many businesses to shut down so that people may safely shelter in place and practice social distancing, there has been a greater need to take our diet, exercise, and recovery into our own hands at home more than ever before and HiDow is here to help! Where before if you wanted green juice before your workout you could simply stop at the juice bar on your way to the gym, now you may need to press your own juice at home! And while making all of your meals at home may not always be the easiest, they can definitely be some of the healthiest! But if you’re looking for better meals and healthy foods to eat at home, then try out these readily available ingredients that you should incorporate into your stay-at-home diet!

Now the great things about these healthy foods are that they are pretty inexpensive and very accessible so you can find them at just about any grocery store.

Making Do With What You Have

When it comes to sheltering-in-place, you don’t want to venture out to the grocery store every single day just to pick up a single ingredient. That’s because the more that you go out, the more likely you are to come in contact with somebody who could potentially get you sick. So it’s okay to make do with the ingredients that you have inside your refrigerator and your pantry. Learning how to get crafty with the ingredients that you have can be a fun and creative way to find new meals and new recipes that you enjoy.

Healthy Staples That You Should Always Keep in Your Home

When it comes to composing a delicious and healthy meal, there are healthy ingredients that you can always count on being staples. When you go shopping, try to pick up beans, rice, a variety of proteins (fish, chicken, ground beef, thin steaks, or a soy-based vegan alternative). While you may need to buy fresh vegetables every few days or once a week; rice and beans have a good shelf life and meats can be frozen to last you a while.

In addition to those staples, other healthy foods to keep around your home during this quarantine include canned tuna, frozen berries, unsalted nuts, wild rice, lentils, frozen vegetables, oatmeal, fresh fruits, and canned fruits and vegetables.

Eat Healthy Snacks

Being home for so long during quarantine can and most likely will result in a little snack here and there. That’s okay! Snacking is alright as long as you are eating the right things! Instead of reaching for the chips, popcorn, and cookies though, try whipping up some healthy snacks. Tuna, nuts, avocados, dried fruit, and hummus are delicious snacks that are also very nutritious alternatives to sugary snacks.

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