3 Healthy Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

3 Healthy Tips to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Committing yourself to a healthy lifestyle is critical to your future. When you want to make a regular ritual of your occasional Sunday spin classes, you always have to stay motivated. Here at HiDow, we understand that lifestyle changes are difficult to pursue, especially when the commitment concerns fitness. But we at HiDow International have devised ways to motivate you during the transition.

We get it. Some people will say it is easy to break unhealthy habits by doing the same routine for 14 days. But what if you’re on your 19th day, and you don’t want to go for a run anymore? What happens now?

Don’t Sabotage Yourself, Instead, Reward!

Some individuals are motivated by vague goals like weight control or a positive lifestyle. But professionals think that you should treat yourself to hard work. It’s okay to sip on a smoothie after losing 10 pounds or having a cheat meal after staying true to your diet for 20 consecutive days.

The power of rewards impacts lifestyle change because the brain can cling to the idea that good behavior is worthwhile. To experts, this is called the habit loop, which works as a triggering cue to behaviors. After a while, the motive becomes natural since the brain is beginning to link pain and sweat with a rush of endorphins.


Commit By Contract

Let everyone know that you’re committing yourself to a lifestyle change. Research shows that when you pledge to your friends and family, you’re more likely to follow through with your word. Make this exciting for them by saying you’ll pay $20 per person every time you miss fitness classes. Or you can say that you’ll do something embarrassing for commitment.

Have a Motivational Strategy

When promoting a positive lifestyle, you want to rethink how you see positivity. For example, if you’re not excited about working out, imagine yourself 10 pounds lighter and happier than ever. The key here is going with a motivational strategy.