How Do Electrode Pads Work?

How Do Electrode Pads Work

Electrode Pads are essential to using our HiDow TENS unit. Electrode Pads have gels on one side of them, so they are able to stick to their user’s skin. You can put an electrode pad on basically any part of your body. They are excellent for areas of your body that are sore or in pain to help relieve the discomfort holistically. This blog will go over how electrode pads work; read on to find out.

What Are Electrode Pads?

Electrode pads are small adhesive pads that are placed on the skin to deliver a specific amount of electricity. The pads come in various sizes and shapes, but they all have two or more electrodes. These electrodes are connected to each other by wires that run through the back of the electrode pad and connect to a controller.

When an electrode pad is used with a TENS unit, the controller sends an electrical current through the wires and into your body. This electrical current travels through your skin and stimulates specific nerves in your body. The stimulation causes you to feel pain relief, muscle relaxation, and other therapeutic benefits.

What Kind Of Electrode Pads Are There?

At HiDow, we have many different kinds of electrode pads. From Jumbo XXL Pads to Small Electrode Gel Pads and even heated ones! We have electrode pads that will fit on your arms, your back, your side, your stomach, and your legs.

Some of the electrode pads include the SPOT Spartan Electrode Gel Pad, which is perfect for stimulating abdominal muscles. Another is the SPOT Butterfly, perfect for your lower back. Then there are the Large Electrode Gel Pads. These are especially useful because they have a premium thick layer of gel that lasts longer than most standard pads and provides a smooth, comfortable experience. HiDow also has large electrode gel pads that are great for your arms because they are circles and won’t take up as much space on your arm as other electrode pads.

There is an electrode pad for everyone at HiDow. Your perfect fit is waiting for you to relieve your discomfort or assist in your workouts!

Science Behind Electrode Pads

Electrode pads work by sending electrical impulses into your body so that you can experience pain relief or muscle relaxation. A typical electrode pad has two different types of electrodes, one positive and one negative. The positive electrodes send out positive charges, while the negative electrodes send out negative charges. These charges help stimulate nerves in your body that cause pain relief or muscle relaxation when stimulated properly.

The Electro current passes through your tissues and creates heat as it travels through them. This heat causes your tissue cells to contract and expand, which increases blood flow in the area, bringing nutrients and oxygen with it. This process stimulates healing at the site of injury or illness while reducing swelling and inflammation.

Where Can You Use Electrode Pads?

Electrode pads can be used in physical therapy, occupational therapy, sports medicine, and alternative medicine settings for muscle stimulation and pain relief. They’re commonly used to treat acute injuries such as strains and sprains, chronic conditions like arthritis and tendonitis, as well as post-surgical rehabilitation.

However, electrode pads can be used really anywhere at any time. They are excellent for travel because they are so compact and super easy to pack due to their size. Electrode pads do not take up any space in a suitcase or carry-on either.

HiDow’s Electrode Pads Are The Best

HiDow has been a leader in the TENS industry for years. Our products are considered by many to be the gold standard in home TENS units, and their electrode pads are no exception.

HiDow’s pads are made from durable material that won’t irritate your skin or cause rashes as some other brands do. The pads fit securely on your body without slipping off during use, and they have a curved design that makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Try one of our electrode pads today!