How HiDow Multi Stim Helps With Strength And Recovery

Anyone who has seriously pursued physical fitness knows that a leg up on muscle growth and muscle recovery is a great thing. That being said, supplements such as creatine and pre-workouts can only carry you so far on your journey of muscle growth and recovery. Fortunately, there are options available to you, outside of more vitamins and supplements, which can seriously assist in muscle growth. We’re talking about HiDow multi-stim TENS and EMS devices that are used for muscle recovery, pain management, and overall muscle strengthening. Multi-stim TENS and EMS therapy involves using electrodes to send electrical pulses into your muscles promoting muscle growth and recovery. Let’s discuss some specific benefits that you can anticipate when you start multi stim therapy for yourself.

Using HiDow Multi-Stim for Strength

One of the main benefits from multi-stim stimulation therapy is that it promotes muscle growth. TENS and EMS devices are commonly used by fitness enthusiasts for this exact benefit. They work by causing muscles to contract from the electrical pulses and vibrations that promote muscle growth naturally. One thing to consider is that a multi-stim device alone won’t make you a mountain of muscle. You need to use this device in conjunction with an active lifestyle and routine exercise.You can use a HiDow device while working out to get the most out of your workout buy working a 15 minute TENS session into your workout.

Using HiDow for Muscle Recovery

Repairing damaged muscles is yet another benefit you can see from your device. The ability to increase natural muscle repair is one of the main uses for TENS and EMS therapy and has a fair amount of research behind it. The natural release of endorphins that results from electronic impulses helps to lessen the pain. This is followed up with your muscles contracting from the impulses fostering growth and repair. If you’ve been following HiDow for a while, you may have seen our Active From Home workouts that show you how to use TENS and EMS in between reps in order to get the most out of your workout recovery. In addition to using TENS and EMS devices for strength and recovery, multi-stim makes managing pain easy! You can treat both chronic and acute muscle and joint pain!

How HiDow Multi-Stim TENS and EMS Can Help

Fortunately for you, HiDow International provides a wide variety of TENS and EMS devices that can suit your specific needs. Looking at all of the product options available is important so take some time to analyze which style of muscle stimulation device you believe will help you the most. Then when you are ready to see the benefits of multi stim therapy for yourself, go ahead and get your own device!

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