How Multi-Stim Therapy Works To Ease Pain

How Multi-Stim Therapy Works To Ease Pain

Are you curious about how multi-stim therapy works to ease the pain? You’re not alone! Multi-stim technology is not widely understood outside of circles where folks use multi-stim on themselves or on their patients in physical therapy settings. With HiDow multi-stim TENS and EMS therapy, you can manage and ease pain quickly and conveniently. Here’s how!

What are TENS and EMS?

First of all, what are TENS and EMS multi-stim devices? These devices are small, handheld devices that allow you to transmit small electrical pulses to your body through the use of electrode pads. These devices are used in a combination of at-home and in-clinic settings to help those who live with chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, sciatica pain, and sports-related injuries. Some popular TENS and EMS devices include the wireless Pro Touch 6 – 12 which offers both modes and multiple settings for every painful condition.

How do HiDow Multi-stim Devices Ease Pain

Multi-stim TENS and EMS Therapy work by sending electrical pulses through a series of electrode pads that connect to your body. These electrical pulses travel through the surface of your skin and stimulate your nervous system. This stimulation sends signals to the brain which help distract from the pain and reduce pain signals to the brain. The stimulation from multi-stim therapy may also promote the body to naturally release endorphins and other hormones that naturally relieve pain.

How Well Does Multi-stim Work?

While there are very few studies out there that measure the effectiveness of TENS or EMS therapy. Many HiDow users report feeling significant improvements in pain relief when using multi-stim devices. From personal experience, I can definitely attest to the positive results that multi-stim has had on me following a series of sports injuries that left me with arthritis of the knee.

Can I use Multi-stim Therapy at Home?

Multi-stim therapy can be used at home, on the go, or anywhere that you are! These devices are handheld, wireless, and completely portable so you can take them anywhere that you need them to go. Even the “wired” models of multi-stim devices are portable, they simply connect to the electrode pads with wired cables.

HiDow International TENS and EMS Muti-stim Therapy

HiDow is the leading provider of pain management therapy for personal use including multi-stim TENS and EMS devices. That work to alleviate acute and chronic pains across a wide range of causes. You can shop a wide selection of multi-stim TENS and EMS devices. At including the Pro Touch 6 12 wireless devices or the XP Micro for a more compact and portable device. Whatever your pain management needs, HiDow has the solutions for you. HiDow. Sore Today. Strong Tomorrow.