How To Choose Between A Wired or Wireless Multi-Stim Device

How To Choose Between A Wired or Wireless Multi-Stim Device

Whether you’ve been using HiDow multi-stim TENS and EMS devices for years or you’re brand new to the world of multi-stim, you’re probably wondering what the benefits of using a wired or wireless multi-stim device may be. With so many different HiDow multi-stim devices to choose from, it’s understandable why you may have questions about which to choose. While each HiDow device has its benefits there are different times when you may prefer to choose a wired or wireless multi-stim device from HiDow. If you’re in the market for a HiDow device, this post is for you!

Wired TENS and EMS Devices

A wired multi-stim device is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a muscle stimulation device that has wires running from the base device to the electrodes that you would place on your muscles. There are advantages and disadvantages to this style of the muscle stimulation device. For starters, wires will always make moving around a little bit more challenging because you do need to worry about disconnecting your electrode cables.

That makes wired devices much better for when you are sitting down in the living room watching tv and letting your muscles recover. Additionally, it’s been reported that with some wired devices the attenuation of electricity is lessened in a wired device ensuring that the full charge is sent to your muscles. However, if you find yourself like me then the inevitable tangling of the wires will make this style of device a tad bit frustrating. If that’s the case then a wireless device might be more preferential. A great wired device to choose from includes any of the XPD or XPDS devices like the XPDS 4 | 24.

Wireless TENS and EMS Devices

A wireless muscle stimulation device typically works using a Bluetooth signal oftentimes available from an app on your smartphone. The electrodes you attach to your muscles are connected to one another but have no wires attached to the base device, whether that be your phone or an actual “device”. This has the advantage of no tangled wires which is a distinct quality of life improvement. Wireless devices are especially great for two reasons. First, they make using a multi-stim device easy on the go so that you can experience pain relief anywhere you go. Second, wireless multi-stim TENS and EMS devices with multiple channels can be used by multiple people at once. This is excellent for families that share a HiDow device.

HiDow TENS and EMS Multi-Stim Devices

HiDow offers a variety of muscle stimulation devices that can suit your specific needs. Whether you would prefer a wired or wireless device, HiDow will have the best products for you. So look into which product you believe would work best for you. When you’re ready to move forward go ahead and reach out to HiDow. Get the muscle stimulation device that can help to change your life.