How To Choose the Right TENS Therapy Unit

How To Choose the Right TENS Therapy Unit

Choosing the right TENS therapy unit to help treat your chronic neck, shoulder, and back pain can be a little overwhelming. While there are plenty of TENS therapy units on the market, TENS units from HiDow International offer more features and an easy-to-use interface. From our wireless Pro Touch 6-12 to our XPDS 4 | 24, we have the right TENS therapy units to help you relieve and alleviate pain, even on the go. If you’re unfamiliar with TENS therapy units though, you may have a lot of questions about what exactly TENS units do and how to choose the right TENS therapy unit.

What are TENS units

TENS is short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation therapy. This is a kind of physical therapy that uses electrical impulses to help treat pain. TENS units are effectively used to block pain messages being sent to your brain, increase the release of endorphins, and improve blood circulation. All of which can help you feel less pain while you recover from short-term and chronic pain.

Choosing the right TENS from HiDow

While each TENS therapy unit from HiDow is uniquely different, there are some similarities between each product that makes HiDow TENS therapy units stand out. Each HiDow TENS unit features:
• Different built-in modes for treating different areas of your body
• Multiple intensity levels for different pain levels
• Are FDA Class II Medical Devices
• Provide quick and convenient pain relief
• Easy-to-use interfaces
• Both Wired and Wireless
• Can be used with reusable Electrode Gel Pads

A Look at HiDow Tens Units

Let’s look a little closer at a few of HiDow’s best-selling TENS units.

Acu XP Micro

The First HiDow Unit that we are looking at is the Acu XP Micro. This device is a perfect entry model for new users who are unfamiliar with the technology but who want to take their pain relief seriously. The Acu XP Micro offers the main therapy treatments with a few extras and still has a dual output for larger or multiple treatment areas. As its name implies, it’s an ideal device for on-the-go use and treatment.

Wireless Pro Touch 6-12

The Pro-Touch 6-12 gives you the core 12 modes for fitness, mobility, and pain relief while allowing you not to use it on the go. The Pro-Touch 6-12 can run up to 6 receivers at a time to give you the most efficient treatment. You can take it on the go and use it as your exercise, at work, or wherever your lifestyle takes you.

The Wireless Pro Touch 6-12 comes with everything that you need to get started as well. It includes:
-1x Pro Touch Wireless remote
-2x Wireless receivers
-1x lower back electrode gel pad
-1x set of large electrode gel pads
-1 AC Adapter
-2x USB charging cables
-1x set of ear clips
-2x 8″ Wires
-1x User Manual
-1x Warranty registration card


The XPDS 18 features the traditional 12 modes that are featured on other HiDow devices such as the XPD-12 and adds more modes to make this device one of HiDow’s best-selling devices. The additional modes include micro-current, trigger point, elbow press, and more. The XPDS 18 also comes equipped with dual-mode and dual-intensity control for the ultimate experience.

The XPDS 18 also includes:

– 1 set of large single-sided adhesive electrode pads (round shape)
– 1 set of XL single-sided adhesive electrode pads (rectangular shape)
– 2 Electrode Wires
– 1 set of Ear Clips
– USB Cable
– AC Adapter
– User Manual
– Pad Holder

The Verdict?

The reality is that there are different models available for different uses. If you are always on the go and would like the convenience of pain relief while you are on the go, then a wireless TENS unit such as the Pro Touch 6-12 may be perfect for you. On the other hand, if you are relatively new to the world of TENS therapy and you are looking for a base model that is easy to use and actually works, then you may be more inclined to pick up the Acu XP Micro.

Whichever model you decide to use, you know that you are getting only the highest quality TENS therapy device that has been trusted by professional athletes and organizations.