How to Set up a Home Gym Without Breaking the Bank

How to Set up a Home Gym Without Breaking the Bank

The gym should feel like home.

The convenience of a home gym is what everyone wishes for– no gym membership, no dealing with busy crowds, and no waiting for equipment. In addition, a home gym offers the luxury of never having to commute to a community gym, and you’ll have all the privacy you need. Luckily, starting a home gym doesn’t need to cost very much. There are many items on the market that range as low as $10. Here is how you can invest in setting up your home gym without breaking the bank.

Dumbbells and kettlebells

No home gym is complete with a set of weights. Whether you prefer to start with dumbbells or kettlebells (or both), there are a variety of exercises you can do with both. You can either buy them individually or in sets, and it is the best investment you can give to your home gym. If you can’t buy a dumbbell set right away, you could even opt for adjustable dumbbells that you can easily add and take off weights when needed.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands or TRX training straps are a must in every home gym. They are extremely versatile and fool-proof in any exercise. You can easily strap the bands to a door, bench, or table. Resistance bands are great for bodyweight training and an overall full-body workout. And very fortunately, they are very inexpensive. You can buy them in sets or individually, and they are very easy to store and travel with.

Jump rope

A good quality jump rope is easily less than $20. There are also options for weighted jump ropes for a few more dollars, but overall, a jump rope is the perfect fitness item in any home gym. Use it for a quick warm-up in the morning. Jumping rope is the ultimate calorie and fat burner that most people overlook. Their affordability and portability make fitness very convenient and fun in the comfort of your own home.

Fitness mat

A fitness mat is essential in a home gym for many reasons. Use it for a yoga session, for ab work, or simply any other exercise you need a bit more support on the floor. Depending on the quality you’re looking for, these mats are less than $15 at any retailer. They come in many fun designs in colors, and some offer easy roll-and-go storage and travel.

Medicine/stability balls

Another cheap item you can add to your home gym is a stability or medicine ball. They are highly versatile and can be used in many ways. Medicine balls are weighted to be easily used in HITT workouts or abdominal exercises. Stability balls are a lot bigger and can also be used for toning and core strength.