How To Survive A Long Flight Without Pain

How To Survive A Long Flight Without Pain

As the country reopens from COVID-19 restrictions and people finally take much-needed vacation time, they must be prepared for their travel experience. Long flights and jet lag can accumulate on the body, which can cause pain. With that pain comes a terrible overall experience if you travel for vacation or work. However, there are ways to prevent pain when taking flights.

Stretch Your Muscles Before And After The Flight

Stretches before a workout are necessary, so why not stretch before and after a long flight? Activating those muscle groups can prepare your body for any soreness related to traveling. Stretching can reduce lactic acid within the body, which is the chemical byproduct of working out and physical activity.

This is why it’s important to practice stretching before and after a flight. Simple shoulder, neck, back, leg, and arm stretches can go a long way. Hold every stretch for about 20 – 30 seconds, then repeat. Less pain means a better and happier version of you!

Make Sure You’re Well Rested

Sleeping during a flight can be tough, so get that extra shuteye the night before. Getting 8 or more hours of sleep can lead to faster body recovery. Quicker recovery means the likelihood of dealing with pain goes down drastically. Every hour of sleep allows your body to start the recovery and maintenance process. Aside from a quicker recovery, getting much-needed sleep can help with brain function for those critical thinking decisions.

Wear Comfortable Shoes When Walking The Airport

Walking through an airport can feel like a workout in itself, right? Well, why not wear comfortable shoes when walking through the airport? Consider trying out tennis shoes, running shoes, or activewear shoes. The less stress you put on your body, the more your joints, muscles, and tendons will thank you! Shoes with very little arch support can lead to foot and lower back pain. For women, wearing heels is not optimal for long travel times.

Bring Cushions Needed For Your Flight

Come prepared by bringing any travel-friendly pillows for your neck and back. Rotating the position of the pillow will create a comfortable flight experience. Start once every 30 minutes, then rotate after every hour. Seats on an airplane can be tough for the body, so come prepared. A cushion can also help with sleep during the flight, boosting your body’s recovery.

Use Proper Lifting Form For Heavy Luggage

Most airline companies allow luggage that weighs up to 50 pounds or more. So, treat lifting heavy luggage like lifting heavy weights at the gym. When picking it up off the ground, squat down, then lift with the legs and not with the back. This will allow the body to distribute the stress evenly throughout the body. Only using the back can lead to unnecessary soreness or injury, which is the last thing anyone wants. Using luggage with wheels is also recommended to ease the stress on the body when traveling.

Consider Any HiDow Products For Pain Management

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All in all, keep these 6 things in mind for your next flight. It can prevent the aches and pains that are often associated with traveling.