How To Treat Wrist Pain

How To Treat Wrist Pain

For many people working desk jobs, there may come a time when your wrist starts to feel pain. Dealing with wrist pain can be inconvenient since it prevents you from using your hands. The ability to maneuver and handle things with your hands is essential for your way of life. However, there are ways to prevent pain. We’ll be going over options on how to treat wrist pain.

Natural Wrist Pain Treatment

Pain is an issue that many adults face daily. One of the methods how for treating wrist pain is to use TENS/EMS therapy devices. TENS is short for transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation. EMS stands for electrical muscle stimulation. The combination of these two therapies may help treat wrist pain.

TENS limits the number of pain signals reaching the brain. EMS attaches to your muscle and makes it contract. In response to EMS, the body may circulate new blood flow to certain areas. This brings nutrients and other essential compounds that help with pain management.

Pain Prevention Plans

How treat wrist pain can come in many forms. One way to treat wrist pain is to do wrist mobility exercises. Often, the body’s muscles can tense up or become weak due to inactivity. This is why it’s important to do wrist exercises to loosen and strengthen the muscles.

A great wrist mobility exercise is the wrist flexor stretch. Extend your arm straight, then flip it around. Your palms and wrist should be facing upwards. Next, use your other hand and grip the middle part of your fingers. Then lightly press against your fingers until you feel a stretch. Repeat the steps with the other hand to rotate.

Causes Of Pain

There are many causes of pain, so it’s tough to pinpoint one general cause. Poor diet, lack of exercise, and excess tobacco & alcohol consumption can come with pain. Heart disease is one of the major contributors to pain as well. Whatever the cause of your pain, it is never a good idea to ignore it.

Another method that may treat wrist pain is to use therapy devices like the AcuWrist Wrap. This type of TENS/EMS device may help with wrist pain. This is especially important for doing everyday activities like driving and grabbing items. Without a healthy functioning wrist then, life can be very difficult.

Limit Uncomfortable Wrist Positions

To prevent wrist pain, limit the number of times your wrist is in an uncomfortable position. For example, if you work at an office, you may place your wrist in a certain position while using a computer. Take note of your wrist and arm positions in their natural working position. If your wrist is constantly in an elevated position, then change it. This may mean changing the height of your keyboard.

The body is not used to sitting in a position for long periods. This is why it’s important to place your wrist comfortably during work.

Should You See A Doctor?

Should you see a doctor for your wrist pain? Yes! It’s never a good idea to ignore wrist pain. Oftentimes pain is an indicator of other underlying health conditions. When a doctor can diagnose the issue, they may offer the best treatment. Arthritis and carpal tunnel conditions become a factor as people get older. This is why it’s important to diagnose the pain before it becomes chronic pain.

Overall, keep all these advice in mind when wanting to treat wrist pain. There are treatments for the pain. However, don’t ignore it if it becomes very excruciating.