How To Use a TENS Machine

How To Use a TENS Machine

So you just purchased your first TENS machine and you’re ready to start using it, but you’re just not quite sure how to use it! That’s alright, using a TENS machine for the first time can be a little tricky, especially if you aren’t using a HiDow model. We’re here to help you learn how to use a TENS machine so that you can experience the incredible benefits that TENS therapy can have on aching joints and stiff, sore muscles!

Using a Wired or Wireless TENS Machine

First things first, instructions for how to use a TENS device will vary depending on whether you are using a wired TENS machine or a wireless one! In either case, most of the steps and processes will be the same except for how you connect your device to the electrode pads on your body.

Connect Your TENS Machine To the Electrode Pads

Obviously, with a wired TENS machine, the pads would connect with cables, and with a wireless device, you would connect the device wirelessly to the wireless receiver that you attach to the pad. Both are great options, it’s just a matter of preference for which machine you prefer to use.

Placing the Electrode Pads on Your Body

Each TENS machine that you purchase will come with a set of reusable electrode pads that send electrical pulses and vibrations into your body simulating the sensation of a massage or acupuncture. It’s a sensation that sends signals to your brain that disrupt pain signals. As mentioned before, these pads connect to either a wireless receiver or the cables for your TENS machine. Once these are connected, you’re ready to place the pads on your body. To apply the pads to the part of your body that you would like to target simply clean your skin and remove any dirt, dead skin, or anything else that would dirty the pad. This will extend the number of uses that you will get out of each pad. Once your skin is clean simply place the adhesive side of the bad to your body and you’re ready to start using your device!

Choosing a Setting the Works for You

Once you’re all hooked up to your TENS machine, it’s time to choose a setting or mode that works best for you. Depending on which device you choose, there will be different options for TENS and EMS modes. Entry-level devices like the XP Micro or XPD 12 will have fewer options than a more advanced TENS machine like the XPDS 4 | 24 or the Pro-Touch 6-12. The latter options feature more channels and more options which is great if you love using the TENS device often and experimenting with new settings. Once you find a setting that works for you, you’re all set to use your TENS machine!

HiDow TENS Machines

Ready to find your TENS Machine? Hop on over to the HiDow shop and search our wide selection of TENS and EMS therapy devices. No matter which TENS machine model you prefer, we have the right model for you. At HiDow we offer a wide range of products designed to help you live more comfortably by managing pain and discomfort from arthritis, chronic and acute muscle pain, and generally stiff and sore muscles.