How To Use Knee Wraps For Chronic Pain

How To Use Knee Wraps For Chronic Pain

Knee wraps are used for many reasons, from knee pain to a stabilizer. They’re a type of compression wrap that may be used by athletes who participate in sports that require jumping or running, such as basketball and weightlifting. They may help to improve athletic performance and technique due to their stabilizing nature. This blog will walk you through how to use knee wraps for chronic pain along with a TENS Unit in the hopes that HiDow’s knee wrap will offer you some relief.

What Are Knee Wraps?

Knee wraps are tight bands of elastic material around your knee joint. They can be used for any type of squat or deadlift exercise, but they are primarily designed to help anyone who needs extra support around their knees to relieve any pain they experience.

Putting On A Knee Wrap

There are a few different ways to put on a knee wrap because there are different types of knee wraps. One way is by simply slipping the knee wrap on; this is for any knee wraps that are more for stabilizing your knee rather than for knee pain. Then there is the Acu Knee Wrap that is slipped on and secured with velcro. This knee wrap can be used with HiDow’s TENS Unit.

Other knee wraps include wraps that are used post-surgery and are medically adjusted to exactly how the doctor wants your knee to be set for some time. These knee wraps are only given to you by a doctor.

How To Decide The Best Length For Your Knee Wrap

The safest way to choose the correct wrap length is by measuring from the center of your kneecap at its highest point up to your mid-thigh. This measurement should be taken with bare skin and no shoes on. It’s important that you measure from this point because it will help determine if your wrap will provide enough compression to be effective or if it needs to be longer for you to get that compression and relief where you need it most.

Knee Wraps Are A Great Way To Manage Pain Holistically

Knee wraps are an excellent option for people with chronic knee pain. They can help you manage your knee pain by providing support and compression to your knees. If your knees have swelling, compression is said to help relieve the swelling.

Knee wraps are also very convenient for anyone with arthritis in their knees, which causes stiffness and other uncomfortable symptoms.

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Knee Wrap

Knee wraps are not for everyone. The best candidates for knee wraps are those with chronic pain that cannot be managed with conventional treatments. Most people who have been diagnosed with arthritis in their knees will benefit from using a knee wrap. Athletes and bodybuilders diagnosed with patellar tendonitis may also benefit from using a knee wrap.

How To Clean And Store My Knee Wrap

After each use, always wash your knee wraps with soap and water. Putting your knee wraps in the washing machine on the gentle cycle will do the trick as well. This will remove any dirt and germs that may have gotten into the material while using them in the gym or your home.

After washing your wraps, let them air dry outside or in a dryer on low heat until completely dry. Do not dry them in direct sunlight as this could damage the material. Once they are dry, store them away from direct sunlight, preventing discoloration of the material over time.