Maximize Your Workout: Pro Tips for Working out at Home

Maximize Your Workout- Pro Tips for Working out at Home

Working out from home (or doing anything from home) can come with its fair share of difficulties. Distractions and temptations all around your home, from the TV to the snack-filled cupboard, and the busy noises of the family going about their day can make for a pretty unproductive workout environment. But with strict social distancing guidelines making it impossible to work out at the gym, many of us are having to find new and ingenious ways to get the most out of our workouts from home! If you have followed the HiDow blog for a while, you have surely seen our at-home kettlebell workouts, so you know we mean business. Here’s how to continue to maximize your workout from home.

Eliminate Distractions

As we mentioned, your home can be full of distractions all around, which can make it hard to get the most out of your workout. It can be easy to pause between sets to plop on the couch and shift your focus to the television or to stop and make a quick snack. The key to maximizing your workouts at home is eliminating as many distractions as possible. If this means that you need to isolate yourself in the garage to be alone, then so be it. Move that stationary bike somewhere you won’t be tempted to stop your workout.

Get an Accountability Buddy

Do you miss working out at the gym with your buddy? Having a workout buddy at the gym can help keep you accountable for your workouts. For one, you will always show up at the gym if your friend is there waiting for you. Additionally, there is somebody to compare progress to and to keep you in check when your form drops.

While you may not have an in-person accountability buddy, you can still maximize your workout by checking in daily via video conferencing to make sure that you guys are both working out. It may not be a gym buddy, but it’s the next best thing.

Designate a Fitness Space

In the same vein as eliminating all distractions, it helps you get the most out of your workout when you have a designated space to go to. Working out can be pretty ritualistic when you think about it, and having a designated space to go to can make all the difference in motivating you. If your fitness space is your patio, garage, or yard, that’s okay! Just make sure that it’s somewhere that is conducive to working out!

Schedule Your Workouts (And Stick to Them!)

Finally, working out and staying in shape requires discipline. It is good to set a dedicated time, whether in the morning, at night, or 4 pm sharp! Pick a time and stick to it as a work obligation. That way, you won’t “I’ll do it later” yourself into tomorrow.


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