Pain Management Tips With a Multi-Stim TENS and EMS Device

Pain Management Tips With a Multi-Stim TENS and EMS Device

Are you seeking pain management tips to help you manage your pain with the latest Multi-Stim TENS + EMS device from HiDow International? Don’t worry. We have you covered, from understanding how to operate your device to choosing the best ways to place electrode pads and more.

Getting Familiar With Your HiDow Device

The best way to get familiar with your Multi-Stim TENS + EMS device is to give the instruction manual a once over before getting some hands-on experience. You don’t need to be a big technique to understand how to work your HiDow Multi-Stim TENS + EMS device, although we don’t blame you with so many modes and settings for being a little overwhelmed at first. Once you start using your device and trying out different settings, you will find that your HiDow device is very intuitive. That is to say that every HiDow device is easy to operate, and the features make sense, such as how to increase the intensity or to switch from one mode to another.

How to Place the Multi-Stim TENS and EMS Electrode Pads on Your Body

When placing the electrode pads on your body, it is important to pinpoint exactly where the pain is. If you can identify the most accurate spot on your body. Once you know where the affected area is, you can determine the best way to place the electrode pads. There are three main ways that you can place electrodes: horizontally, vertically, and diagonally from each other. Horizontal & Diagonal – when the pain spreads over a large area. Such as your back or across your midsection, you can place pads above and below the affected area. When using 4 pads, placing them in an X with two above and two below may also offer significant pain relief. Vertical – when the pain is located across a small surface area, such as on the back of your arm or around the elbow, you can place the electrode pads parallel.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Your Multi-Stim Device

One of the most asked questions regarding pain management tips with a Multi-Stim TENS + EMS device is how electrode pad placement changes the effectiveness of the treatment. Pad placement has everything to do with the effectiveness of your TENS + EMS treatment!

Here are a few pointers on how you can place your electrode pads to get the most out of your TENS + EMS treatment:

• Always use 2 pads or 4 pads, depending on how many channels you are using. Using an odd number of pads will make your treatment ineffective.

• Changing the distance between electrode pads will affect the device’s effectiveness.

• Pads placed closer together will be more intense and more effective.

HiDow International Multi-Stim TENS and EMS Devices

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