Targeting Shoulder Pain With TENS

Targeting Shoulder Pain With TENS

Are you experiencing chronic shoulder pain? Shoulder pain can be some of the most painful and uncomfortable pains to experience because it can limit the range of motion of your shoulder. What’s more, every time that you move your arm, you will feel discomfort and pain in your shoulder. There are two main types of shoulder pains that you can target with TENS and EMS multi-stim devices- muscle pains and joint pains. While each of these pains is uncomfortable in its own right, HiDow makes targeting shoulder pain with TENS easy. Here’s how.

Electrode Pad Placement for Treating Shoulder Pain

When using TENS to target shoulder pain, electrode pad placement is everything. Depending on the multi-stim device that you are using, you will have 2 or 4 electrode pads. If you use a robust device such as the Pro Touch 6-12, you will have up to 6 receivers. This unit is ideal for families who rely on multi-stim because multiple people can use the device simultaneously, but I digress. You will want to place electrodes diagonally across from each other for maximum effect, regardless of whether you have joint or muscle pain.

For Treating Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Joint Pain

When treating shoulder pain on the rotator cuff or in the joints, it’s best to target shoulder pain with TENS by placing the electrode pads on the front and back of the shoulder. This placement will target the pain directly while avoiding the muscles around your shoulder.

For Treating Shoulder Muscle Pains

For treating muscle pains around the shoulder, it’s best to place electrode pads on top of the shoulder where the trapezius (traps) muscle is located. Place the electrode pads diagonally across each other for the most effective stimulation.

Adjust the Intensity of Your Multi-Stim TENS + EMS Device.

As you use your multi-stim device to target shoulder pain with TENS. You’ll want to start on the lowest intensity stimulation and work your way up to an intensity that feels comfortable while alleviating pain the most effectively. You will notice that after a few minutes of muscle stimulation. You will become used to the sensation of the device, so working your way up slowly is crucial for targeting shoulder pain with TENS.

HiDow Tens and Ems Therapy for Pain Management

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