TENS Therapy vs. Traditional Pain Management

TENS Therapy vs Traditional Pain Management

Do you experience chronic pain in your muscles or your joints? You’re not alone. Millions of Americans live with chronic pain, and while many people turn to traditional pain management methods, such as prescription pain medication, there are other pain management therapies available.

One of the ways that you can treat pain without using pain medication is by turning to TENS therapy and other non-harmful pain management treatments. If you’ve been looking for an alternative to traditional pain management, here’s your sign. We put TENS therapy against traditional pain management for you.

TENS & EMS Therapy

There are a lot of benefits to choosing TENS therapy over traditional pain management, such as taking pain medication, heat, and percussion therapy, or even attending in-person physical therapy sessions!

First, TENS and EMS therapy are completely drug-free and can fit into anyone’s holistic lifestyle. Pain medication can be addictive and have serious side effects that harm your body.

Additionally, when you own your TENS device, you can administer your pain management regimen from home or whenever you want! This is a huge benefit over attending expensive in-person physical therapy sessions where a doctor will use a TENs device on you.

Finally, some people are self-conscious about their injuries or physical conditions, and being able to treat yourself discreetly can be ideal!

Pain Medication

Pain medication, such as over-the-counter Advil and Tylenol, can help reduce pain, but it can also have some pretty serious and harmful effects on your kidneys that work to break down the medication.

While over-the-counter pain medication isn’t terrible for you once in a while, it can be harmful when you use it constantly. This makes it an awful way to treat chronic pain daily. Not to mention that medication, especially prescription pain medication, is highly addictive and habit-forming.

Physical Therapy

If you’ve ever been in a car accident or experienced a serious sports injury, then you are probably familiar with the office of a physical therapist. Physical Therapists are professionals who specialize in rehabilitation for individuals experiencing pain or limited mobility. While physical therapists are incredibly talented individuals, sessions can be very expensive if not covered under your insurance plan, so that visits can be few and far between.

While I am a fan of visiting the physical therapist when I am injured, it’s not as cost-effective as at-home treatments like TENS therapy, especially when you consider that many physical therapists also use TENS devices to help with pain management.

By purchasing your TENS and EMS device, you can have the results you expect from your PT’s office at home without the large invoice.

HiDow Pain Management

At HiDow International, you can find the latest in TENS therapy technology. We have a wide selection of TENS devices for every experience level. Whether you are new to the world of TENS therapy and need a simple device to learn on, or you are a professional in need of the most robust TENS & EMS devices with the most modes and settings out there.