The Best HiDow Pain Management Devices

When you need to find instant pain relief from the aches and pains that affect your muscles and joints, you want to turn to HiDow for the best selection of multi-stim TENS + EMS devices on the market. But with so many options available to choose from, how can you know which multi-stim machines are the best HiDow pain management devices? The truth is that multi-stim pain management devices come in a lot of different shapes and sizes depending on how robust of a device you are looking for. Some are simple and get the job done, while others are some of the most impressive multi-stim TENS + EMS devices on the market. Here are just a few of our favorite HiDow products.

AcuKnee Wrap

The first of the best HiDow pain management devices we are looking at is the AcuKnee Wrap. This product holds a special place in our top list because of the incredible relief that it offers anyone who has suffered from injuries to the Meniscus, ACL, MCL, PCL, or from Arthritis and general weakness and soreness of the knee. Whether you suffered a common sports-related knee injury or you are simply seeing more wear and tear to ligaments as you age, the AcuKnee Wrap is perfect for you.

Heated Shiatsu Roller Massager

Do you wake up with a stiff and sore back? Back pain and shoulder pain can be really difficult to live with because they can get in the way of doing just about everything from showering to sitting at a desk. The Heated Shiatsu Roller Massager is perfect for massaging and heating the parts of your back that you typically can’t reach. Sit up in bed with it or use it at your desk on your lunch break. Either way, it’s one of the best HiDow pain management devices available. Key Features include: Adjustable intensity: 3 speeds Built-in heat function 8 massage nodes to relieve muscle tightness. Safety feature: automatic shut-off after 15 minutes 3D rotation kneading

Pro Touch 6-12

The Pro Touch 6-12 is by far the most popular HiDow multi-stim TENS + EMS device and for good reason. The Pro Touch 6-12 allows users to connect up to 6 receivers (3 different channels) wirelessly which makes it a great device for family members to use at the same time! Dad could be using 2 receivers while the kids each have 2 receivers going at the same time.

XPDS 4 | 24

Finally, the XPDS 4 | 24 is an incredible pain management device that allows users to use both TENS and EMS settings on up to 4 output channels. There are 24 different settings and modes to choose from which means that there is going to be a mode that treats your unique pain-needs. Between the XPDS 4 | 24 and the electrode accessories such as knee wraps, gloves, and socks, you will be able to target just about any pain anywhere on your body.

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