The Best Modes for TENS Devices

The Best Modes for TENS Devices

Are you getting acquainted with your new HiDow International TENS and EMS device? We have some of the best TENS devices available because of the incredibly simple interface and robust settings and modes. With so many to choose from, choosing just one that you love can be difficult! So how can you know which are the best modes for TENS devices? Well, preference is what matters most, but we have a few modes that we love to use!


An incredible, deep tissue messaging mode to help get deep into the muscle to loosen up and relax muscle filaments. The “cleaving” and “tapping” sensations increment the body’s normal bloodstream and oxygen supply to the focused area. This EMS mode uses further muscle withdrawals to help flush any irritation or growing in that pinpointed territory.

Deep Tissue Massage

Compared to other modes, this deep tissue massage gives you extensive contractions that help muscle fibers contract and engage while creating a smooth deep knead. This is effective in the lumbar area. I use this mode for releasing muscle tension and assisting in fatigue and relaxation.

Pressure Point Massage

Like a deep pressure massage for knots, this mode offers smooth and deep contractions to help open up tight areas while breaking up lactic areas and muscular toxins. The sensation will speed up and get faster until it gets to a fully facilitated contraction and release. Then, it will automatically go into a cycle of 5 different therapeutic sensations.

Soft Stretching

Stimulates such as thumbs, fingers, and palms are similar to the techniques of a massage therapist. The mild contractions help stretch tendons and tissues while focusing on hypertension and stress. It also helps break down lactic acid pockets in your muscles and joints. Doing so will help return a full range of motion and flexibility to the affected area. Recommended for beginning users.

Shiatsu Massage

With a similar intensity as mode four but with a faster rhythm, this shiatsu massage-inspired mode is a fan favorite. This kneading mode is especially useful in activating and improving blood circulation, promoting overall body strength and well-being. Not available on AcuXP Micro and AcuXP-D.

Strength Gaining

One of our best muscle stim modes helps cause an “on and off” contraction. Ideal for exhausting the muscles and creating a good pump in the muscles when applied during workouts.

Ramping Waveform

Rated as a customer favorite, this mode is necessary for a demo. The mode starts with a soft tissue tapping, then will pick up speed and intensity. It works through the muscle fibers layer by layer and then executes fully facilitated muscle contractions giving the customers the ultimate experience.

Full Performance

Our full performance mode allows you to engage and exhaust any muscle the fastest. For those who love a deep tissue massage, this mode is the ideal experience, for it is our strongest muscle stim mode.

Final Thoughts?

All in all, choosing the best modes for TENS devices comes down to preference. What feels good? What helps with arthritis? Muscle pains? Soreness? What feels best for you may not work for your neighbor and vice versa. These suggestions help you explore your TENS/EMS devices, whether you have the XP Micro or a more robust model like Pro Touch 6 12.