How to Train Your Brain to Crave the Gym

How to train your brain to crave the gym

Regular exercise can be a game-changer. Working out can help improve your mood, lower stress, and even help curb anxiety and depression. But getting out and exercising may not always be the easiest or most appealing task, but like anything else, it takes some discipline, even on your worst days. Try these HiDow tips for how to train your brain to crave the gym.

Practice Makes Habit

The most important thing to remember about getting into any routine is that practice doesn’t make perfect, but practice does make a habit. This means that to successfully make a habit out of working out. You must understand how to form good habits. The first step in training your brain to crave the gym is to make a habit of going to the gym every day. This is much easier said than done, but it’s a matter of consistency. A good rule of thumb is that it takes about 21 days to get used to a new routine.

Be Disciplined

Part of making going to the gym a habit is having the discipline to go every day and do the work, even when you’re tired or don’t feel like it. Make going to the gym a part of your routine, like you do laundry, brushing your teeth, making your bed, and going to work. You may not always have the energy or drive to, but at the end of the day, it’s good for you. This discipline will spill into other areas of your life, and you’ll be glad it did!

Make a Schedule, Set a Time, and Stick to It

The easiest way to train your brain to crave the gym is to make a schedule with a set time and follow it. Pick a time of day that works for you, like 6 A.M., and stick to it. It’s a lot easier to follow through with something if you’ve already committed to doing it. You wouldn’t miss an appointment, date, or meeting you already committed to, would you?

Find Workouts That You Enjoy

This may seem obvious, but you’re likelier to stick with activities you enjoy. Most gyms offer a variety of activities to choose from, like yoga, spin, swimming, weights, cross-fit, or basketball. Find the workout that doesn’t feel like work, and you’ll feel more inclined to stick with it.

Find a Workout Buddy to Stay Accountable

Do you have trouble holding yourself accountable? Find a workout buddy with the same fitness goals as you, and hold each other accountable. It’s a lot harder to skip your workout when you have someone who is also counting on you! The goal here is to have as many layers as you need to stop you from saying, “eh, maybe tomorrow.” If you can go work out every day, at a set time, with a set person, and you enjoy what you do, then you’ll make a habit of working out. And eventually, you will crave the gym.