UFC International Fight Week Sponsored by HiDow

00;”>On July 7 and 8, UFC International Fight Week ensued with HiDow representatives taking all opportunity to speak to passersby about their TENS/EMS (Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation / Electrical Muscle Stimulation) XPD-S flagship. For the first time, HiDow International sponsored an event so large, making it one of the company’s game-changing pursuit towards growth. From their booth are signs which labeled “Recovery Zone” and it aims to inspire others to push themselves on a path towards muscle recovery.

UFC International Fight Week

“Our objective is to inspire others to get excited about their health and fitness. To find a solution post-workout and address muscle pains right from the first pang,” says a HiDow representative who was speaking to a potential customer about the benefits of a TENS unit. “HiDow International provides people with a pain management solution who’s in search of an alternative to medicine. Without their dependency to pills, they won’t feel any side effects. This brings users a heightened opportunity to recover from muscle aches.”

The UFC International Fight Week continued strong with Meet and Greets from fighters like Joseph Benavidez, Misha Cirkunov, and James Krause who gladly took photos, signed autographs, and chatted with fans. It began around 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM as the sun blazed in the Las Vegas desert, but the lines never fell short. Some fans proudly clutched their photographs as they anxiously waited for their turn. When they reached the front, many were at awe by meeting their favorite fighter as they mentioned highlights from previous fights.

At the front end of HiDow’s booth were representatives and spokesmodels enthusiastic to show demos of the TENS/EMS units. Dozens of curious individuals waited their turn for an available representative to do a one-on-one demonstration with them. Those who tried the XPD-S device found it relaxing as it immediately relieved their muscle aches and pain.

The HiDow Difference

Some were even concerned whether the TEN/EMS units were designed just for athletes. “Every unit is designed for everyone. You can customize the wavelength frequencies and intensities to suit your preference. Some might find astounding results at level one while others can reap its benefits at level 5. It really depends on the individual which is why we encourage users to test their devices,” says a representative who was about to close a transaction.

To help people understand the importance of muscle recovery, HiDow International curated a set of products, which incorporated guidance for the ideal relaxation. Throughout the UFC Internation Fight Week, HiDow continued to spread the word as many fighters advocated the use of their products to emphasize muscle recovery. For fighters like Joseph Benavidez, Misha Cirkunov, and James Krause every momentum counts as HiDow offers them a game-changing experience to stay on top of the game.

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