Using EMS at Home for Isolation Workouts

Using EMS at Home for Isolation Workouts

Are you getting in the grove of working out at home, where you can self-isolate rather than go to the gym during COVID-19? You’re not alone. Right now, gym enrollment and attendance are way down because many people are choosing to stay at home for isolation workouts rather than risking getting sick at the gym. Working out at home can be incredibly liberating because you are in the comfort of your own home (or garage), and you don’t have to worry about impressing others or looking kind of silly while you do burpees. You can even start using EMS at home in your home workout routine which can help stimulate your muscles and nerves for better workouts, quicker recovery times, and an overall better at-home workout.

Here’s how to use your EMS device from HiDow to maximize your isolation workouts.

How To Achieve a Successful At-Home Workout With EMS

Using EMS at home for a successful isolation workout is easy to do! Just follow these simple steps:

1. Place Electrodes on Your Body

Finding the appropriate electrode placement is important, especially while you exercise. As you move, skin and muscles will contract and move so you may need to adjust your pads as you go. You want to be sure that the electrodes are placed on your body over muscles where the EMS device can be most effective.

2. Connect Electrode Pads To Your Ems Device

Connecting your electrode pads to your EMS device is easy. If you have a wireless TENS/EMS device, simply attach the wireless receiver to the pad and turn on your remote. You should feel the device start to stimulate the muscles.

3. Select the Appropriate Stimulation Setting To Start

When the EMS device starts working, you should feel a vibration from the pads. Adjust this setting until it is at the maximum level that you can handle. Everyone has different pain thresholds and comfort levels, so it’s important to find the setting and mode you prefer the most for your at-home workout.

Now begin your workout as usual! Go through your warm-ups, reps, and stretches with the EMS device running. You should feel muscle stimulation while you exercise.

4. Adjust the Settings As You Workout

As you work out, you may notice that you become used to the setting or mode that you are on. In this case, go up a few notches until you are at a level that you can handle again and continue your workout.

With an EMS device from HiDow, you can take your at-home workouts to the next level. To see more ways that you can use a TENS/EMS device while you workout from home, watch this Working Out From Home clip!