Using TENS Unit to Recover and Rebuild Muscles After Workouts

Using TENS Unit to recover and rebuild muscles after workouts

There’s nothing better than the feeling of a great workout that gets your blood flowing and your muscles working. There’s even something incredibly satisfying about the soreness that you wear, like a badge of honor when it’s all over! But while feeling sore is a sign that you put in the work, it doesn’t mean that you should endure the pain that follows a hard workout! Fortunately, there are ways with HiDow International to use a TENS unit to recover and rebuild muscles after workouts.

Best of all, these muscle recovery and muscle strengthening tips can be done in the comfort of your own home without any need for over-the-counter pain medications. Not only will a TENS unit help you manage muscle pain, but it will also help tone, firm, and strengthen your muscles.

TENS Units have been around for a while and are safe and effective. TENS uses Gate Theory to decrease muscle spasms by breaking up the pain signals after your workouts! Use them on your glutes, back, or wherever you feel muscle soreness.

What Causes Muscle Pains?

Before we get started with how to treat muscle pain, let’s first address what causes muscle pain. When you work out, your muscles endure a lot of strain from contracting, which can cause muscle spasms. Muscle spasms are attributed to fatigue, dehydration, or electrolyte imbalances in your skeletal muscles. Your nerves transmit these signals to your brain, and the result is the feeling of muscle pain!

Which TENS Units Work Best for Muscle Rehabilitation?

When it comes to choosing the right TENS unit to recover and rebuild muscles, there is no wrong answers, although we do recommend going with something wireless like the Pro Touch 6-12. A wireless device allows you to enjoy the benefits of muscle stimulation while you move around freely to workout or stretch.

Using Tens Before, During, and After Your Workout

With a wireless TENS unit, you can use muscle stimulation during each workout stage from start to finish.

Pre Workout

When you use a TENS device during your pre-workout routine, you will notice that the device creates a slight muscle twitch that runs at a low frequency to increase blood flow. This makes a TENS unit the perfect pair to warm-up stretches as it helps warm up muscle tissue and increase the reaction of muscles before doing any strenuous activities.

Active Recovery

In between sets while you work out, you can use your wireless TENS unit to help recover quicker while limiting the build-up of lactic acid.

Muscle Relaxation

Finally, use your TENS unit for post-exercise muscle relaxation and recovery. The TENS device stimulates your muscles with low-frequency muscle twitches to help relax fatigued muscles.

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