7 Ways to Get Healthy Instead of Skinny

7 Ways to Get Healthy Instead of Skinny

We’re living in a time when our weight and size predetermine health. The common thought is that being overweight defined an unhealthy lifestyle, whereas thin represented healthy. But modern research proves otherwise. There’s a danger to being skinny, referred to as “skinny fat.” Medically speaking, metabolically obese normal weight, also known as “MONW,” means insufficient muscle and too much fat. What good is it if you’re skinny but unhealthy? The goal to aim for is to be healthy instead of skinny.

Getting Healthy Isn’t Aiming For Skinny

If you want to lose weight, don’t succumb to dogma, where skinny is the ultimate goal to determine success. Instead, aim for healthy meaning normal blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol. The following tips are ways you can focus on getting healthy:

Focus on Lean Muscles

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Strength exercises will help you build the muscles you need to burn more fat, even when resting. Not only will you reap the benefits faster, but you’ll elevate your metabolism. If you’re barely starting, make sure not to strain your body. Always adapt to a muscle recovery routine to help you with your progress.

Never Go Hungry

Listen to your body. When you’re feeling hungry, eat. If you happen to start your diet, be prepared to feel hungry as your body is used to a high-calorie diet. To overcome the constant hunger pang, eat healthy food filled with fiber. A good rule of thumb is to consume fruits and vegetables high in nutrition. While going hungry will result in weight loss, this long-term lifestyle will not last for long. Instead, train yourself to adapt to a healthy diet.

Ignore the Scale

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You’re only setting yourself up for disappointment when constantly validating your progress using a scale. Don’t get preoccupied with how many pounds you’ve lost for the week, as this can sabotage your efforts. Of course, the more you see results, the more you want to continue. But what if the scale tells you the same number three weeks in a row? Chances are, you’ll feel discouraged and give up.

As long as you continue living a healthy lifestyle, you’ll shed weight promptly. Besides, who cares what the scale says when you feel good about yourself?

Screw Boring Exercise Routines

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What’s the point of being healthy when focusing on activities that make you feel miserable? If you’re not fond of running on a treadmill, stop. Find an activity you’ll commit to and stick with it. The more you enjoy an exercise routine, the more likely you’ll stick to it. Remember, being healthy is a long-term goal to make your efforts fun.

Talk to Your Doctor

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If there’s anyone who can best guide you on this journey, it’s your doctor. The goal is to lose weight in a way that benefits your overall body. Discuss your health history and talk about preventive measures. If you haven’t had your annual physical, address it now. During that time, your doctor will ask for a blood test that will include a thorough analysis of your blood sugar, triglyceride levels, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

Skip the Dates

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Being healthy isn’t about dieting for several months; it’s a lifestyle change. For instance, if you tell yourself that you’ll lose X amount of pounds in two months. What will you do after you’ve met that goal? Instead, plan for the long haul. It’s about maintaining a healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

Don’t Limit Yourself

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You’re human, and you’ll have cravings. Being healthy doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in your favorite snacks. Yes, you can have a donut — in moderation. So when you’ve been eating clean for the whole week, have a sinful snack. When you set yourself completely off-limits to junk food, you’ll only want it even more which can sabotage your efforts.

There are plenty of ways to get healthy instead of skinny. Remember that this effort is for the long haul, so make a commitment to yourself and pledge to a healthy lifestyle. We at HiDow International always want to stress listening to your body in a way that makes a difference in your overall lifestyle.